Mistie Layne Nominated for “Celebrate You” Wellness Woman of the Year 2020

Mistie Layne is an award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author, Life Shifter Coach, and a full-time medical professional who practices Nuclear Medicine. Her message is raw and real.

“I was a Texas beauty queen at the brink of becoming a surgeon to facing a 40-year prison sentence for killing someone behind a horrific cocaine addiction,” said Layne. “In addressing my truth and accepting life and its twists and turns, I describe my rock bottom in my book, ‘What Goes Up.’”

LaWanna Bradford, the co-founder of the Celebrate Your Wellness program, said that Layne’s message inspires individuals to face their fears and release the skeletons from their closets.

“My experiences led me to create the #BethatOne movement, which encourages individuals to step up and share their raw, authentic truth,” said Layne. “Through this educational slant, I believe that individuals will be able to hear these stories and judge less and mentor more.”

Layne’s TV talk show, “Dare 2 Share with Mistie Lane” provides a platform for transparency and freedom of expression.

Layne overcame drug addiction and now is a Life Shifter Coach, “I spent many years hiding behind an event that forever changed my life on September 18, 2007, said Layne. “Vulnerability, insecurity, and depression from a previous divorce led me into the arms of cocaine. I immediately fell straight into full-blown addiction, which spiraled out of control for 10 years. I had crippling heavy baggage full of guilt, remorse, anger, and resentment and ended up serving 2 1/2 years in prison. All of this I was able to, through God’s grace, overcome.”

Today Layne leads the Women Empowerment Retreats, where she teaches the four-step C.O.P.E.= HOPE method that takes one through the steps to release toxic shame and guilt and allow for self-forgiveness and love to emerge as a key to true inner peace and joy.

“I believe that what I offer to the client is a compassionate approach to guiding them through their healing journey,” she said.

“When life hits you, it’s not a cookie-cutter approach that will get you through it. Everyone is different, and everyone responds and reacts to life’s challenges differently. Therefore, I engage in active listening and help the client find the thread of hope within them and show them how to pull it out and build that rope that enables them to climb out of their place of despair and rise to a place of hope and promise. I show them how to go beyond coping and hoping to living and thriving in the life that was meant divinely for them.”

Layne said that success is achieved by being vulnerable and transparent. “Be willing to share your story. In doing so, you will find that you will help ease pain and suffering.” She said the true gift is “Living in your purpose and being of service to others.”

Layne is currently expanding her platform with her Dare2Share TV show and is accepting motivational speaking engagements to inspire people to pull themselves up and out of their adversity.

Contact Mistie Layne at www.mistielayne.com.

Co-Founder LaWanna Bradford explained, “In Celebrate You, we believe that when a woman can embrace and celebrate herself truly, she is then able to rise up and make an impact in the lives of her family, her community, the nation, and ultimately the world.”

“2020 was one of the most challenging years of our generation,” said Bradford.

“We celebrated nine amazing women who dared to face the changes and the challenges and strive to make a difference in the world. These women are unique in their backgrounds, experiences, and professions. However, the one thing they have in common is they live life intentionally and on purpose. They believe in the power of co-creating a life of abundance and impact.”

“These exceptional women are leaders and influencers. They always seek to find ways to encourage, inspire, uplift, and celebrate others,” she said.

Bradford said, “We are excited to announce that the Master of Ceremonies is the Regional Sales Director with Provenir, Harlan Bradford, Jr., and live music will be played by two-time Emmy-award winning bassist, Tony Saunders. 

Tickets are on sale for $10.

The virtual celebration will be filled with tributes, spotlights, music, laughter, and a lot of fun. Everyone to “glam up from the waist up” and get ready to get your celebrate on! 

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Help Heal Humanity Charity. Help Heal Humanity is an internationally registered charity mindfully designed to provide the world’s most vulnerable youth with access to education, food, support, and love. Learn more about their service at Help Heal Humanity . 

About Celebrate You Wellness

Celebrate You was founded by visionary LaWanna Bradford with co-founders Barbara Beckley, Gwen Marshall, and Jacqueline Lulu Brown.

“Our Celebrate You Women Embracing Wellness movement is designed for women to truly celebrate their lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially and to reach for the highest and best version of themselves,” said LaWanna Bradford.

“It is about standing in your truth and being able to love yourself, embrace yourself, and always celebrate you!”

Join the Celebrate You movement at https://www.facebook.com/groups/celebrateyouwomenembracingwellness

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