Multiple Award-Winning Best-Selling Author, Keith Leon S., Releases New Book, Navigating the Clickety Clack

International Best-Selling Author, Keith Leon S, Navigating the Clickety-Clack

Create Your Own Reality, Despite the Current State! Multiple Award-Winning Best-Selling Author, Keith Leon S., Releases Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World – a Collaborative Effort Featuring 3 NY Times Best-Selling Authors and Contributions from 17 Other Celebrated Authors. 

I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted; I started giving it to myself.” – Byron Katie

In the spring of 2020, entered an unknown disease now commonly known as Covid-19 along with a myriad of other uncertainties.

The current world we live in is filled with judgment, skepticism, anger, and hate and many have wondered how exactly are we supposed to remain in a state of calm and live a peace-filled life?

In response to rampant fears worldwide, multiple award-winning best-selling author and owner of Beyond Belief Publishing, Keith Leon S. decided to form a collaborative book effort, a solution of sorts, providing clarity and hope, with some of the world’s most well-known authors.

Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World, featuring New York Times best-selling authors Jack Canfield, most known for being the co-founder of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul™ empire and named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders by Success Magazine, Bob Proctor, known as one of the world’s biggest Law of Attraction experts and featured in The Secret and Christy Whitman, a 2 time New York Times best-selling author and uber-successful businesswoman, is that solution, and will encourage readers everywhere to truly believe in elevated expectations.

This collective energy guide highlights stories from celebrated authors on how they’ve navigated through life’s clickety-clack moments and still remain in a peace-filled life.

The impressive list of contributing authors, who share their compelling journeys of discovering clarity and confidence in today’s toxic world, include: Liz Acar, Marcus Bird, Maria Bradfield, Natalie Cook, Jeffrey Gignac, Karen Kan, Kate Moriah, Kelly Moser, Kim O’Neill, Angi Ponder Reid, Donna Riley, Deborah Robbins, Jani Roberts, Trisha Schmalhofer, Venetta Demos Stathis, Lea Williamson, and Ariel Yarger. 

One may wonder what exactly is the “clickety-clack?” In 2005, Keith Leon S., owner of Beyond Belief Publishing and the man behind the concept for Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World, and wife Maura, befriended a man named Fletch Rainey, founder of a group called, “The Spiritual Posse.” Rainey soon became the couple’s spiritual mentor, guiding them through troublesome times pertaining to many of life’s challenges.

The “clickety-clack” was a phrase Rainey coined representing temporary periods of uncertainty that individuals naturally experience throughout life. To illustrate the phrase, Rainey referred to riding a ten-speed bicycle, as a child, and needing to change gears.

There is the moment when the chain jumps from one gear to the next and the sound it makes is a clickety-clack. As a child, however, your faith remains steadfast in that the gears will do their job and so you keep peddling. Even though, for that split second as they jump, the clickety-clack does seek your attention.

As Rainey pointed out, your faith pays off as the gear eventually would catch and you were off to an even better gear. 

Throughout his life, Leon has developed strategies to remain calm and peaceful in unsettling times. However, many did not come easy and took years to develop. Some of his practices include:

  • Experiential growth workshops
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Prayer and mediation
  • Teachings from the mystics
  • Minding his thoughts and language

Gaining tremendous wisdom from these practices has helped Leon form many core beliefs, which have been pivotal in allowing him to transfer words and experiences to several of his books that have impacted many. 

Here are stories of how Keith Leon S., and his powerful real-life accounts, illuminating life strategies and thought-provoking perspectives, as captured in Walking with my Angels: A True Story and Who Do You Think You Are, have inspired others:

I always felt I didn’t really believe in angels, I thought they might exist but had no actual experience. After reading the book and doing the process Keith talks about, I can now see evidence that I do indeed have angels in my life. Well worth reading and passing onto others, it is a life-changer.”– KN (Walking with my Angels: A True Story)

“Keith Leon has done it! Who Do You Think You Are is a treasure chest full of amazing stories and advice for anyone who has not yet found their life’s purpose! I feel that this pivotal life-changing book is a “must-read” for students of all ages, from young to old.” – Dr. Karen Kan (Who Do You Think You Are)

As illustrated above, it is clear to see that Leon consistently delivers readers with books that empower and transform. Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World is a refreshing eye-opener, showing readers that life’s possibilities are endless.

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