Multiply Your Income and Gain Abundance with Christian Moser 

Christian Moser Multiply Your Income and Gain Abundance

You can’t save your time in a bank account, but you can spend it wisely.” – Christian Moser 

Founder of Christian Moser Consulting, and utilizing 35 years of IT business experience as a software architect and multi-project manager, Moser learned through extreme challenges how crucial it is to be able to produce top-quality results in a short amount of time.

In realizing this, it became very clear that managing time was equally as important as managing a budget, and not solely for achieving success in the business world. Moser knows that becoming an expert on spending time wisely can also produce tremendous results in your personal life as well. And, therefore creating a healthier balance in life providing ease, satisfaction, and contentment. 

In collecting years of experience, Moser, author of One Life, One List developed a framework of the same name. As an efficiency strategist, Moser helps entrepreneurs get products to market, assists them in finding excellence in their careers, and provides individuals with simple, yet effective, strategies for building the life they desire.

He combines perfectionism with rapid development, based on being super-efficient, allowing clients and participants to see results quickly. His mission of helping people across the globe to be able to work 10 times less but earn 100 times more is what continuously drives him to share his experiences, and knowledge. 

Moser, who specializes in strategic consulting, works with creative entrepreneurs and businesses of any size including small operations on up to worldwide enterprises. His vision, through his newly released book One Life, One List, is to turn entrepreneurs into successful, thriving industry leaders.

Whether it be through one-on-one coaching remotely, in-person sessions, live seminars, or subscribing to his online courses, Moser has carefully planned out proven systems to make an immediate impact for his participants. 

Through his One Life, One List framework, readers will obtain insight on: 

  • Identifying areas of their lives where time is being wasted and provide meaningful solutions 
  • Becoming more aware of daily opportunities and improve time management skills 
  • Growing their business effectively 
  • Turning the subconscious into the conscious to be able to focus on priorities, be more intentional in daily efforts, and develop skills on being more efficient in life and in business. 
  • Changing their lives into a place of ease and abundance
  • Developing powerful communication skills 

A unique aspect of One Life, One List, is that Moser shares stories of his challenging times that led him to where he is today allowing his readers to see that the struggles are all a part of the process.

By overcoming obstacles, Moser always used that time to improve his techniques to create more effective, and more powerful, results. Understanding the mind-blowing impact that his framework has had on his own life he is eager to share it with millions of others. 

As Moser’s principles make their way across the globe, he is currently supporting a team in Africa to launch their business, a refugee from Sudan to become a world-famous fashion designer, and an organization from Ghana build a business featuring African culture, entertainment, and sports (football).

His tactics have no boundaries on individuals they can make an impact on and his interest in charities worldwide is what truly sets him apart as an industry leader. 

Here’s what several readers of One Life, One List have to say: 

“This easy-to-use detox program will help you tackle every inch of your life. That’s what Christian Moser wants to teach in his book One Life, One List. It’s amazing and very practical. I was so astonished by his organising system in this book. It’s like a life map to create a more productive freedom lifestyle. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It’s a must-have in your library!” Teuta Avdyli – Author of The Book “Born To Stand Out, Not To Fit In”, Empowerment, Spiritual & Positive Parenting Coach 

“As a former world-class athlete and Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, being organised is a key to success. Christian’s book will help you to reach your greatest potential in business and life.” Steve Frew, the First Gymnastics Gold Medalist For Scotland in the History of the Commonwealth Games, 

Never fully knowing what will happen, Moser encourages entrepreneurs everywhere to always take on the challenge. Ensuring all that struggling is just a step forward before reaching the next level, he reminds us to continuously be curious about what’s next. 

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