Neena R. Speer Announces Trademark That Thursdays Summit: Breaking The 1.8% Black In IP Law Ceiling Inaugural Virtual Online Summit

Neena R. Speer Announces Trademark That Thursdays Summit: Breaking The 1.8% Black In IP Law Ceiling Inaugural Virtual Online Summit

Neena R. Speer Law Firm, LLC will be hosting a free two-day summit featuring all Black intellectual property (IP) lawyers discussing how to break the 1.8% Black in IP law ceiling and increase diversity in IP law by educating more lawyers interested in becoming IP lawyers with masterclasses led by minority lawyers.

The purpose of this summit is to prepare and provide a vehicle for future CLEs in IP. BLACK and Minority LAWYERS in IP present at this summit.   

Regarding this groundbreaking event, Speer commented: “If you are an aspiring trademark lawyer, trademark lawyer beginner, or bar association/trademark teacher, this summit is for you. This event will be two days and includes 1 Keynote presented by a prominent leader and 12 hours with 12 lawyers of content to help transform the trademark industry.”

Speer continued, “So many Black IP lawyers are doing amazing work and killing it in the trademark arena, but people still haven’t seen and been the most inclusive of OUR value at the table. This summit will change that and allow minority IP lawyers the opportunity to shine!”

This event has even been featured by Alt Legal, a different kind of IP docketing company. Their docketing software is impressively automated, delightfully simple, and surprisingly friendly. Their free and easy migration and unlimited training and support make switching a breeze. Thousands of IP professionals trust Alt Legal to manage and grow their portfolios, including Neena R. Speer Law Firm, LLC.

This event is featured on their event calendar.

The summit lineup comprises a phenomenally talented minority female lineup who all are at varying levels of their trademark law practice. So, make plans to attend this event for these amazing lessons in IP.

The Lineup includes the Principal Attorney of The New Lawyer Launch, Principal Attorney of Neena R. Speer Law Firm, LLC,  Principal Attorney at Dana Blue Law, Founding Member at The Law Office of Amina P. Jones, Managing Attorney at The Rigsbee Law Firm, PLLC, Principal Attorney of The Gailliard Law Firm, Principal Attorney of  BossLady Legal, LLC, Owner/Managing Attorney for Northcross Legal PLLC, Principal Attorney at Anderson O’Neal, LLC, Principal Attorney of Duchatellier Law, PLLC, Principal Attorney of MM ESQ. LAW, Managing Attorney at J Bull Consulting Firm LLC, Managing Attorney at Mickey Law Group, PLLC.


Summit Topics & Speakers Include:

Dayna Thomas Cook, Esq., Keynote Speaker
“Building A Law Firm That You Love”

Neena R. Speer, Esq.
“Breaking the 1.8% Minority Inclusion Barriers in Your Big IP Law Firms.”

Dana Blue, Esq.
“Overcoming Trademark Mill Objections with Confidence”

Amina Jones, Esq.
“Empowering Yourself And Your Clients In Business Law”

Salisha Rigsbee, Esq.
“Mastering The ‘Sell’ in Business”

Glinnesa Gailliard, Esq.
“Switching Practice Areas Mid-Career”

Danielle Lyn, Esq.
“Building a Foundation: Selecting the Right Business Structure for You”

Shakeria Northcross, Esq.
“Where do I start?” to “That I.P. Lawyer!” – Let’s Plan Your Escape to Ownership.”

Brittany K. Anderson, Esq.
“Jumping Into the Trademark Practice – IP Law Firm Startup & Trademark Tips!”

Christine Duchatellier, Esq.
“Entrepreneurship Law 101: Protecting Your Client’s Businesses and Brands”

Michal-Ane McIntosh, Esq.
“Ready, Set, Automate. Tips for Effective Management of Your Practice”

Jessica Bull, Esq.
“How Intellectual Property Is The First Step For Your Clients As They Build Their Brand And Business”

Kamisha Mickey, Esq.
“Niching & Networking: Branding and Growing Your IP Law Practice”


Register for Free Lifetime Access to Day 1

Register for Free Lifetime Access to Day 2

Keynote Speaker Dayna Thomas Cook is offering a Free Playbook

The Summit Sponsor has a $600 Off Offer for her Trademark Course for Lawyers offered that will be available exclusively for a limited number of people.


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