New Best Selling Author Teaches 3 Essentials Everyone Needs to Know about Confidence

Best-selling author Samantha T. Mitchell inspires holistic life growth via mindset overhaul in her recently published book ‘3 Keys to Unlock & Unleash Your Confidence’.

In this book, the best-selling Amazon author edifies readers on the power of confidence and how cultivating a potent mindset bolstered by confidence can significantly change one’s life. She articulately disseminates these life-changing gems through the three potent steps of Mindset, Behavioral Patterns of The Confident You, and Action.

“Confidence is a major key when it comes to success and it can compound when done correctly. In writing and publishing this book, I am hoping to help others to tap into this superpower,” shared Mitchell. 

Mitchell breaks down each step into bite-sized nuggets easily digested by her readers in each chapter. A talented wordsmith, Mitchell effortlessly dissects how to apply each step and how the application will create a lasting harmonious impact on lives. Most importantly, she intertwines personal stories that touch on problematic limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and how perfection is the killer of dreams.

About The Author

Samantha T. Mitchell is a doting mother of two, dedicated wife, the founder of Confidence MBA, sought-after health coach, Anytime Fitness franchisee, Mrs. Delaware 2019, and Ms. Health Fitness top 3 finalists 2021. She boasts over two decades in the aerospace industry.

She coaches her clients holistically, focusing on both physical and mental, creating the mindset approach. She has fused her experiences as a Black woman in corporate America with her drive to build solidarity with the right tools and resources to help others flourish personally in relationships, financially professionally, leaving a lifelong legacy. Having etched her place in a male-dominated industry, Mitchell is more than equipped to help others strategically embark on their journey to evolution.

To start fostering confidence and change your mindset, check out ‘3 Keys to Unlock & Unleash Your Confidence’ on Amazon.

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