New Book “Adapt and Overcome” Reaches Amazon’s Best Seller List in One Day

Adapt and Overcome: What Business Owners Need to Do to Keep Employees, Clients and Infrastructure Safe During a Time of Crisis is a timely book, aimed at helping business owners understand the importance of their IT security and infrastructure needs during this time of crisis.

Adapt and Overcome spotlights each of the contributing authors, sharing their insights, strategies and real world experience with Internet security and best practices for business owners today.

Brought together by Chris Wiser of 7 Figure MSP, the IT experts featured in this book are: Steve Schabacker, Bryan Hornung, Chee Lam, Jason Penka, Jeri Morgan, Leonard Galati, Matt Taylor, Paul Mancuso, Roy Leffew, Ryan O’Hara and Izak Oosthuizen.

The topics covered in this book are as follows:

  • Preventing cyberattacks when business is in jeopardy
  • How to keep your data secure and safe during a crisis
  • How to ensure employees’ at-home computers are secure
  • Crisis management during a business downturn
  • The economic impact of a cyber attack
  • How to train your employees about cyber security
  • 7 ways cybercriminals can attack during a crisis
  • Best software and tools to use to automate business activities
  • 5 things you need to do to keep your business running smoothly
  • How a crisis can affect your business – and what to do about it

With external forces increasingly disrupting day-to-day operations, this book is a must-read for proactive business owners and managers who are looking to protect their people, their client information and their assets.  

In response to the book reaching Number one, 7 Figure MSP’s CEO, Chris Wiser, said, “Reaching Best Seller status is something we are excited to have achieved. This project was especially important for us because we wanted to create a resource for business owners who may be affected by our current crisis.”

Wiser expressed his appreciation for the book’s contributors, saying, “We are extremely thankful to have the caliber of IT security professionals who co-authored this book.  Each one of them is a highly respected and knowledgeable professional. To reach best seller status on Amazon is exciting and my hope is that the book will reach more small business owners who are at risk and need help right now.”

Wiser’s company 7 Figure MSP helps entrepreneurs implement time-tested and proven systems and processes that scale their businesses through the next stages, all the way up to a profitable exit. They can be reached at or by phone at 512-537-8340.

Adapt and Overcome can be found on Amazon:

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