New Book, “Data Points Gold: Create, Curate, and Monetize Your Information Assets” Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Data Points Gold is an essential guide to creating a branded benchmark with actionable insights. It outlines how to get started with benchmarking, how to market a branded benchmark, and how to position a benchmark as a brand. Armed with this information, business owners, brand managers and consultants will generate useful, actionable information, either internally, in contrast to competitors, or on behalf of a targeted customer or client industry. The result will be the reader’s own information assets that will boost their authority and visibility, and drive profits.

In response to the book hitting Amazon’s Best Seller List, Modu and Bundu stated, “We’re excited to learn about this wonderful achievement. More importantly, we’re glad that the book is helping businesses, especially small ones, with the case studies and easy step-by-step roadmap.”


Anaezi Modu is founder and CEO of REBRAND™ and producer of the REBRAND 100® Global Awards, the highest recognition and benchmark for effective brand transformations in the world. She speaks, researches, writes and consults on brand change resulting from evolving business challenges, M&As, and spin-offs in developed and emerging markets. Modu holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University, and a Masters of Architecture and Design from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, with courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Anziya Bundu combines her quantitative and analytical mind with artistic and innovative skills for unique insights, data design and benchmarking strategy. She has experience in analyzing data and visual content for technology, fashion, and lifestyle brands. She balances her experience with past roles in IT divisions of financial services and financial technology (FinTech) firms for quality assurance and data analytics. Bundu holds a Bachelor of Science and Economics with Minors in International Affairs and Sociology from Northeastern University.

Data Points Gold: Create, Curate, and Monetize Your Information Assets is available on Amazon at:

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