New Book for Female Entrepreneurs, Tech Magic, Available Now

New book, Tech Magic – How to Launch Grow & Scale Your Business, is available now.  Tech Magic is like reading the CliffsNotes® to business growth for women. Inside its pages, you’ll learn the platforms and technology that other successful women CEOs and female business owners of color are using today to launch, grow, and scale their companies.

Smart Hustle Agency and Publishing is donating all royalties from the retail sales of Tech Magic to Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc.

Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc.’s (WEOP) mission is to promote growth for the economic advancement of minority women with innovative programming and model projects that connect women to new opportunities for business expansion and career growth globally.

Lead author Carol J. Dunlop had this to say about the project, “My co-authors rock! I highly recommend every woman that reads this book to take 10 days and read one chapter a day, connect with authors, utilize the technology platforms and software we share, and you will surely see a difference in your business and life!”

No matter where your business is today (a small one-woman part-time hustle, a micro-business with a team of five freelancers or fewer, or a growing enterprise with five or more full-time employees), Tech Magic contains tools and resources relevant to your business. 

Lisa C. Williams, founder of Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing, was inspired by the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and created A Message in a Bottle books with the hope that it will become the 21st Century version of that inspirational, philosophical series—and in Tech Magic, the hope is that women business owners will learn to run more efficient and profitable businesses and receive the legacy benefits mentorship brings.

Publisher Williams raves, “This book is so timely! Never before do business owners and entrepreneurs need to leverage technology to stay relevant and grow their business and Tech Magic gives women entrepreneurs the advantage they deserve.”

Tech Magic is now available. Visit and other national book retailers.

To learn more about WEOP and the work they do, visit

Here is who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn:

Carol J. Dunlop is the lead author of this book. Carol is an online marketing and social media strategist and will be sharing how to use automated systems to create a sales funnel full of warm prospects waiting to buy your products and services.

Renee Coakley’s company, The Coakley Financial Group, is a powerhouse in the insurance industry. She will detail how she used an image creation platform to surge her business’s sales.

Selena Teems is a consultant who is assisting her growing tribe of self-published authors and freelancers who serve them. Read her chapter to learn how she successfully forces Facebook to feed her business with qualified leads continuously.

Alicia Couri is a personal branding coach, Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and media personality. Alicia shares the tactics she uses to leverage the power of multi-streaming video to increase her and her clients’ authority and cash flow.

Lori A. Manns is an award-winning business strategist, sales coach, speaker, and philanthropist.  Learn her secret to scaling to six-figure success.

Digital Marketing Strategist Kynia Starkey is SHE-OO (COO) of rol(her)dex®, helps women and girls of color businesses grow from exposure to elevation. In her chapter, Kynia will show you how she capitalizes on digital platforms for maximum brand exposure.

Known for her B.E.S.T. Marketing System™, Nadine Mullings specializes in helping female coaches and consultants succeed in four key areas of their marketing. In her chapter, you’ll learn how scheduling systems give her and her clients greater efficiency and less stress!

Tina R. Bolden, EA, MST, MBA, is a Tax and Wealth Advisor.  Ms. Tina will share a simple hack for maximizing her clients’ tax deductions and increasing their profitability.

Edie Clarke turned her experience working for a major motion picture studio into a business. Inside her chapter, you’ll learn about her “go-to” platform that she uses to work remotely with her clients while still producing high-quality results.

Dee Harrison is a sought-after LinkedIn specialist, business coach, and the CEO   of   Posh   Furniture and   Design.   Dee will show you how to “Launch on LinkedIn,” convert more clients, and gain valuable market share in your industry.

CEO of The Smart Hustle Agency, Lisa C. Williams, is also a contributor to the book.  Lisa C. will share about her first-to-market innovative apps and platforms that “get you attention” and allow you to be found everywhere “ubiquitous” across the top 11 social media platforms.

About Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing

The Smart Hustle Agency is a multi-faceted media, technology, and publishing company. It offers a suite of services that gives its clients the authority recognition they deserve while positioning their businesses as an in-demand brand.

To date, The Smart Hustle Agency has helped over 50 entrepreneurs and professionals become published and best-selling authors.  The company has also secured placements for its clients in major media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and more.

The agency’s proprietary “Smart Hustle System” includes apps and dashboard platforms that draw attention and provide one-click content and video publishing to the hottest social media sites.

Currently, the agency is producing several collaborative books. Their new book series was recently launched, A Message in a Bottle, which is said to be the new Chicken Soup for the Soul—but with a twist.


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