New book guides entrepreneurs to follow their passion when starting a business

When starting a small business, many people focus on finding a gap in the market and working out whether their idea has the potential to make money. But small business coach Maya Manseau says many entrepreneurs miss out the most important step when getting started – working out whether their plan will bring them the life they really want.
Maya’s new book Navigating the Small Business Path – 10 steps to doing what you love, earning your dream life explains the steps people need to take to create a thriving business they really believe in. Published by Difference Press and available now on Amazon, the book is aimed at people at the start of their business journey or in the early stages of trying to make their venture a success.
The founder of The Small Business Path, Maya coaches her clients to spend time finding what their passion and purpose is before they start their small business. She believes that while building a reliable income is important, profits alone will only bring satisfaction and excitement for so long.
Maya says: “It’s important to create a foundation so you have a business which serves your life rather than having a life which serves your business. People need to ask themselves what their intentions are and if they are really passionate about their business idea.
“It is also vital to look at the obstacles you may face and go into it with a realistic view of where you may need help.”
Navigating the Small Business Path aims to help small business owners get clear on what they want so they can overcome any challenges and create something which allows them to fulfil their true purpose and live the life of their dreams. It sets out 10 clear steps entrepreneurs can take to get their small business up and running and make sure it serves a need, adds value and is something they feel passionate about.
Maya became a small business owner herself when her well-paid corporate career left her feeling stressed and ill. Working up to 100 hours a week for a software company meant she barely saw her family, so she started a wedding photography business in 2003. Running her own business gave her more time and freedom but it also gave her nine amazing years working with her daughter Lindsay before she died from leukaemia at the age of 23.
The 61-year-old, who lives in Maine, is also developing a new course called Navigating the Small Business Path, which will launch in March. This will follow the same principles as the book and help people start a profitable and fulfilling business they feel passionate about.
Maya says: “If you are just in it for the money, you are not my client. I am not a get rich quick scheme, I want you to come out of it with a passionate sense that it is your purpose and your calling.”
Navigating the Small Business Path is available from Amazon now.

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