On Inauguration Day, Sabrina Wiggins’s Newly Released Children’s Book “When My Dad Went To The Hospital” Raced To The Top Of Bestseller Lists With Joey By Jill Biden

Sabrina Wiggins’s newly released children’s book “When My Dad Went To The Hospital” recounts her own experience dealing with a family tragedy at a young age.

This is Wiggins 2nd book, which landed the #1 Hot New Release on Amazon Best Seller list and in multiple bestsellers categories in the United States and Canada, ranking in the Top 5 and Top 10 of sales.

“Seeing my book reach the top spot on Amazon serves as a reminder to why I wrote this book in the first place. My dad was shot when I was 9 years old, which left him paralyzed on his right side. Thirty years later, during therapy sessions, everything about that experience resurfaced. What I learned was that I never fully healed or acknowledged how that tragedy affected my life and the people closest to me. Putting pen to paper gave me an outlet that ultimately aided in my healing and my hope is that it will aid other children on their journey as well.

Additionally, Wiggins said “I was really inspired by the words of Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, and her words to the people. “We’ve braved the belly of beasts. The loss we carry, we have learned that quiet is not always peace. That even as we grieved, we grew and that even as we hurt, we hoped.”

Author of “Where Did My Friend Go?” Azmaira H. Maker stated in Psychology Today, “It is critical that we step-up our efforts to help children with the trauma of exposure to gun violence given that being a victim or even a witness of violence results in significant levels of symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, and aggression in youth.”

Christina Reardon wrote in Social Work Today, “Trauma caused by gun violence is so destructive because it affects not only the victims but also their friends, family members, neighborhoods, and communities”.

Clinical Social Worker Sara Guglizza shared, “It’s beautiful how [When My Dad Went To The Hospital] gives permission for children to see family members experience different reactions and emotions and demonstrates healthy ways for families to cope. As a therapist I enjoyed seeing how you included counseling as a support when mental health can be a really stigmatized concept.”

Retired teacher Kathy Floyd stated,

“I felt the hurt as I read. What a great way to let others know (especially children) that it is ok to seek help.”

The young narrator adores her dad, and she enjoys spending summers with him. Her mom and dad do not live in the same house. Serena is a fun and loving daughter who loves to play with her brother Benny and her friends. She always looked forward to her summer vacation. One day, things in her world suddenly changed after her dad was involved in a shooting that put him in the hospital. With her mom, her brother, and sister, she learns the true meaning of family and love—a candid, uplifting story about trauma, grief, love, and courage.

Sabrina Wiggins was raised in Summerville, Georgia. After graduating high school, she joined the U.S Navy where she served 4 years on active duty. She is currently employed by the federal government. After starting a nonprofit to empower youth through music with her brother she realized her real love was writing stories for young people that blossomed in her imagination. Sabrina is the author of Off to Washington, which was published in 2018. Sabrina honestly believes in the power of stories to change children’s world, especially her grandson Aiden (whom she named her publishing company after). These days Sabrina lives in Maryland with her three-year-old grandson Aiden and plans to keep writing visionary stories for kids and young adults forever.

Learning to juggle was Sabrina’s specialty. Daughter in one hand and books in another. With her resilience and guts, she graduated from Strayer University as a young mother, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Networking with a Minor in Business. While it was a struggle in the beginning having to go on campus for class, Strayer eventually offered a way to help balance home and school life by offering online courses that allowed her to spend more time with her daughter and save on childcare. She later received an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) from the Naval Postgraduate School.

To learn more about the book, visit https://www.littleaidenpress.com.

When My Dad Went To The Hospital is now available on Amazon.com (e-book and Paperback) https://www.amazon.com/When-My-Dad-Went-Hospital/dp/1734801425 and (Hardback) https://www.littleaidenpress.com/shop

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