Paul Moehring’s Get Squared Coaching Program Reveals Useful Tips for Finding Balance in Life and Success in Career

Paul Moehring’s Get Squared Coaching Program Reveals Useful Tips for Finding Balance in Life and Success in Career

S. Paul Moehring Coaching – Reaching New Heights was founded in January of 2020, and was developed to unleash transformational growth in entrepreneurs and business leaders through the ‘Get Squared’ program designed by Paul Moehring himself.

As Paul explains in his best-selling book, Get Squared2: Goal Getting with Balance, individuals can go from being mediocre in business and life while experiencing a low 4% success rate to achieving goals and enjoying a win rate of over 70%! 

Paul Moehring is a Business Growth Coach, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Sales Trainer.

Front-Cover-Paul-MoehringPaul has worked in business coaching, sales, and sales management for over 25 years and is passionate about helping people perform at their very best!

After growing up in the Midwest, Paul attended Moorhead State University where he excelled at pole vaulting and qualified for nationals.

After flying to Los Angeles for the National Championships, Paul developed an immediate fondness for the idyllic west-coast weather and knew that someday he would return to the Southwest.

Paul graduated with a Business Administration degree with concentrations in management and marketing. After graduation, he accepted a position in retail sales as a management trainee and learned the importance of building relationships and how they directly related to success.

He then transitioned into the insurance industry where he worked for 27 years and received numerous awards, including multiple President’s Council honors. 

With a deep-seated passion for coaching, Paul immersed himself in a comprehensive program where he was able to work with, and coach, entrepreneurs and business leaders. He developed training and support processes that he ultimately used for his district sales management course.

In 2020, Paul began coaching full-time while writing his first book – Get Squared2: Goal Getting with Balance. The ‘Get Squared concept,’ that he has used with his clients for years, has helped many individuals achieve success on their goal-getting journey. 

Today, the Get Squared program helps provide monumental growth for many individuals in the business world. And Paul has worked with various levels of business leaders including CEOs, business owners, sales managers, and

entrepreneurs guiding them through periods of overcoming obstacles so that they can reach their full potential. Services and learning opportunities that the company provides include:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching – A program designed for clients wanting to take their business from the current state to the desired state. 
  • Group Coaching – An alternative for clients seeking game-changing results but are also interested in gaining the benefits of a group setting. 
  • Leadership Development Coaching – Comprehensive training that forms leadership skills, enabling business leaders to implement effective new changes that make an immediate impact within their business. 
  • Speaking Engagements – Paul is a highly inspirational speaker who has been known to encourage many audiences to take their career into their own hands and reach new heights! 
  • Sales Training – S. Paul Moehring Coaching – Reaching New Heights has customized sales training programs for individuals looking to enhance their skills.

 While other coaching and mentoring programs surely exist, what makes S. Paul Moehring Coaching – Reaching New Heights so special is their unique passion for truly wanting to help clients achieve their goals and a sincere interest in learning all aspects of an individual’s business to develop customized strategies that enable clients to reach their goals.

With over 20 years in business management, sales, helping startups, M&As, and working through staff development, S. Paul Moehring -Reaching New Heights has established a distinct reputation for being a proven leader within the industry.

Here is what others have to say about working with Paul:

  • “Although Paul’s focus is on business coaching, his Get Squared process has helped me with goal-setting in other aspects of my life. I feel like I’m no longer spinning my wheels and I am hitting sales production goals!” – Danielle M. 
  •  “I found Paul to be an excellent coach and motivator in helping me to grow my business, and enjoyed every meeting with him, because I never knew what to expect, but felt motivated afterward.” – Paul P.

Ultimately, the goal of Paul’s coaching programs is to help clients find tempo in life and business. To discover this tempo is about being consistent, and allowing this consistency to influence how one navigates and reacts to various situations in life. 

Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, see, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through this awareness, we can grow.” – Koi Fresco 

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