Powerhouse, Regeline Sabbat, Helps Individuals Go from Good to Great with Multiple Motivational Platforms!

Powerhouse, Regeline Sabbat, Helps Individuals Go from Good to Great with Multiple Motivational Platforms!

Regeline Sabbat, or Gigi as she is fondly referred to by those who know her heart, is a true gift from God.

As the best-selling author of Walk with Me and God First, she genuinely lives out her calling for helping others succeed and has a remarkable zest for life and for giving.

One may look at Regeline and believe she has always lived in abundance and joy, based on the light that shines from within. But it is because of the struggles she’s endured that her light shines so brightly! 

Regeline Sabbat Front CoverThe Life Service Center of America, LLC (LSCOA) was founded after Regeline Sabbat experienced an incredibly frightening and highly tumultuous domestic violence relationship that nearly ended her life by strangulation.

But in true Gigi fashion, she chose to build on a glimmer of hope, and with the help of the Lord, her strength, and her bravery, she discovered her purpose, her desire to serve others. From then on, there was no looking back – onward and upward she went!

Regeline, the CEO and Founder of Life Service Center of America, LLC, is a motivational keynote speaker, financial expert, and a spirited Life and Confidence Coach who is known to bring her clients to the best versions of themselves.

She is the Florida Chapter Leader for the World Women Conference & Awards, host of the Walk with Me podcast featured on JRQTV, and domestic violence, sexual assault, breast cancer, human trafficking, and mental health advocate.

Additionally, Regeline is an accomplished industry leader with a dynamic personality who helps people grow spiritually, financially, professionally, and personally. Her methods for success include clear, measurable goals and enable clients to experience growth and transformation. 

With a belief that multi-skilled individuals make great leaders and a mission to guide these individuals to achieve full potential in life, Regeline and the LSCOA, offer diverse business services ranging from personal to professional growth programs. Her no-nonsense attitude leaves no room for failure.

Her objective is for all of her clients to tap into their greatness. Through the following programs and events, LSCOA delivers results through an authentic, relatable approach.

  • Live Events: The LSCOA has hosted countless industry leaders and personalities sharing their vulnerability and expertise on topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, mental health, innovation in business, entrepreneurship secrets, and unique forms of leadership.
  • Walk with Me Podcast: Regeline hosts the Walk with Me podcast that airs on multiple platforms including YouTube, iTunes, JRQTV, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. Here, the energetic Regeline shares her own tips, strategies, and riveting stories of triumph as well as those from her fascinating guests.
  • Social Media Platforms: Most industry leaders are represented on social media platforms. The informative, raw, engaging way in which Regeline utilizes her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms are a step above the rest and clearly reflected in her ever-increasing loyal following.
  • Business Services: The unparalleled manner in which LSCOA operates, which includes the ability to remain curious, has allowed them to help clients navigate through the rough and tumbles in business and in life. Using their own pitfalls, Regeline and her team are able to help others avoid the mistakes they made to reach greatness even quicker. LSCOA offers business guidance in advertising, PR, financial services, management, marketing research, sales, and logistics. Additionally, they have a wealth of experience leading individuals to the next level in the entertainment industry including film, theater, music, publishing, radio, sports, and tv and in major industries such as agriculture, automotive, food and beverage, paper products, pet food/pet care, and toy manufacturing.

Regeline is a force to be reckoned with, to say the least! She is a wonderful example of using a tragedy to become better and what’s more is that Regeline is taking others along her journey, and making them better too!

The Life Service Center of America is making its mark in the world by helping clients gain increased visibility of their brands and services. LSCOA clients gain valuable insights, learn impressive tactics and shoot straight to the top in excellence. When individuals walk with Regeline they walk with purpose!

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