Public Affairs Consultant Patrick Slevin Hits The Top of Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Never Lose to NIMBY Opposition Again!”

Public Affairs Consultant Patrick Slevin’s recent release, Never Lose to NIMBY Opposition Again!: Master the Secrets, Strategies & Solutions to Turn NIMBY Crisis into Your Finest Hour hit’s best seller list on February 3, 2021, climbing all the way to Number One in the Real Estate & Land Use Law categories.

Never Lose to NIMBY Opposition Again! immediately empowers corporate executives, land development professionals and communicators to confidently neutralize NIMBY opposition, while gaining vital community goodwill in the form of social and political capital.

In response to the book hitting Number One, Slevin stated, “I wrote Never Lose to NIMBY Opposition Again! to help readers understand why NIMBY happens and how they can thoughtfully neutralize NIMBY with my secrets, strategies and solutions to turn NIMBY crisis into their finest hour. A well-written book on defeating NIMBY has been long overdue, and I’m not surprised that it has become an instant best seller, indicating a need for better-best practices to consistently engage the community-at-large, confidently mitigate crisis, and successfully secure the community’s license to operate anywhere, anytime across the nation.”

Never Lose to NIMBY Opposition Again! covers a hot topic and is a must read for executives, developers, investors, and land-use professionals. “America loves progress, but Americans hate change especially when it comes to NIMBY opposition targeting new real estate development projects. Developers, investors and land-use professionals hoping to keep their projects “under the radar” increasingly find themselves in the crossfire of a NIMBY controversy,” said Patrick Slevin, best-selling author and head of SL7 Consulting.



Patrick Slevin is a public affairs consultant, NIMBY expert and grassroots influencer who specializes in neutralizing NIMBY opposition. At the age of 27, he was elected one of the youngest mayors in the country in the Tampa Bay city of Safety Harbor, Florida in 1996. As a Florida mayor, he encountered numerous NIMBY crises in one of the most urbanized regions of the country. During his three-year term, Patrick honed his political instincts, gained invaluable grassroots experience, and acquired a unique perspective on how-to preempt, neutralize, and defeat NIMBY opposition, benefitting his clients for decades. For nearly 20 years, corporate executives, land development professionals, and communicators have engaged Patrick Slevin to turn NIMBY crises into political victories and project approvals across the country.

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