Publishing a Dream

Publishing a Dream

Today I am inviting you to come on a journey with me whereby we visualise the journey of someone who has had this yearning inside of them to write a book; but not just that, to ACTUALLY PUBLISH the book they have written.

Now this person it could be you, it could be a loved one or someone in your space. They have dreamed about writing this book for ten, twenty, thirty years, and finally they take the leap of faith and set about getting it done.

It could be a collaboration, it could be a personal journey or even sharing a passion they have. For some to write is to breathe, and to write and publish books which elevate the human condition so it benefits life in all forms is for people like me, a calling that cannot be put into words.

I recently had the honour to serve a young lady called Laarni Mulvey, the Founder of the Strong and Mighty Women’s Strength Initiative, who had such a calling. She had known for twenty years she was going to write a book to help women, she just didn’t know what that looked like until we started working together.

After three months of working together she knew what her book was about and she knew she wanted to collaborate with other women around the world to celebrate them in the process. There are two things about Laarni you should know, it is that she is all about community and has a HUGE heart which loves to celebrate others.

With all her co-authors on board, book cover designed and marketing underway, the day of her book going on full release arrived. People had been ordering the e-book, smashing the previously held records of my publishing company for pre-order sales, and now it was time to get their hands on a copy of the paperback.

The hours ticked by, and they kept on ticking. Both of us were waiting with baited breath for us to announce to the world the paperback was live; but Amazon had other ideas and kept us both waiting along with all those eager to buy the hard copy of this incredible book.

You see, when we become a large company like Amazon, and we have millions of people worldwide working for us, relying on systems to get things done, we often overlook the impact we have on those who rely on our systems to achieve their personal goals, their dreams.

The publishing process is both simple and complex, over complicated by many and feared by the majority, because let’s face it, once you press the ‘live’ or ‘publish’ icon on the screen, your words and thoughts are on show for the world to see, buy and critique.

It took almost 24 hours for the Amazon systems to deliver the paperback version to the UK market, longer than 36 hours for them to deliver to the US and Australian market, and this is with the pre-order run up of 2 weeks. Not long at all really, but a lifetime when you consider the journey already taken.

We had done all we could. We’d uploaded the artwork files created the various author profiles, entered in the search word categories and done the marketing, all in a decent amount of time.  We just had to play the waiting game, and breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t simply rely on Amazon to get my clients books out to the world.

Now this isn’t an article about the book, or about Amazon, it is about the impact on other people’s dreams and lives when we start automating every aspect of our business, and how once we get to a certain level of success in life, we often lose sight of what it is to start at the beginning.

One of the reasons I work with already successful people who wish to share their life journey with others is not only because these stories are incredibly powerful for all those looking for guidance, but for those who work with me it is also a magical transformation of seeing themselves in a whole new light.

They get present to just how far they have come, saying goodbye to imposter syndrome and feelings of doubt, as well as allowing themselves to be seen as the beautiful human being they are on the inside, rather than just be a status, job title or success model for others.

The journey of publishing a dream come true is never as black and white as the text written on the page. It is a transformational journey for all those involved, myself included as the one who holds space for each person I jouney with.

I finished writing my 7th book last week and I still get excited that I have just written a book; and for those who know me personally, you will know I do get excited! It is an emotional journey, one which ends in disbelief, relief and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

BEing an author isn’t just something you DO, it is someone you BE so you can gift the world a part of you that no-one has ever really seen before. It’s not about throwing money at something and hoping it works. It is a craft, and it is a style of entrepreneurship many do not fully understand.

This book becomes part of your legacy, which in turns gifts others hope, inspiration and confidence to make changes in their lives. The impact changes lives of all those it comes into contact with, either directly or indirectly. The ripple effect carries on for generations to come, and you changed the world in ways you could never even imagined, just by being you.

Isn’t that a beautiful idea?

I am interested to know how many of you have actually considered publising the dream come true that you are, and if you have published your story with the world, how the process was for you?

Was it plain sailing?

Or was it a process driven, nightmare?

Maybe it was a beeautiful journey back to self?

Comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Until the next time, have a wonderful journey to becoming the person you wish to become next.

With love,

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