Randi Karpinia, CEO of Sagacity Legal, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Patenting an Invention

Listen to the Business Innovators Radio Network interview to learn why every business needs intellectual property protection. Randi explained how to get started turning ideas into huge profits.


As a business owner, uniqueness defines the value of a business. Whether it’s an amazing new product or service, unique content or method, or a unique brand, uniqueness reflects the business’s personality, objectives, and mission. When a business owner gets an idea for a new product or process, one of the first things they’ll need to do is determine if it’s patentable. This can be a complex process, as many factors must be considered. Here are a few tips to help make the determination.

First, and foremost, it is important to keep ideas private. If someone shares an idea with too many people, it could get out before they’re ready to patent it. In order to avoid this, they should only share an idea with a select few people they trust.

Secondly, always use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) when working with others, whether they’re potential investors, manufacturers, or even just consultants. This will help to protect an idea in the event that it is leaked.

Third, consult with a patent attorney. These professionals can help understand the patent process and whether or not an idea will likely be granted a patent.

Finally, consider filing a provisional patent application. A patent attorney can help with the best strategy to do so.  This will give the person a year to work on their invention without revealing their trade secret to the world.

Karpinia commented, “Working with us, Sagacity Legal guides you through the process of protecting your business. In a supportive and collaborative manner, we provide you the peace of mind that your business can grow and succeed, free from the risk of unwanted legal attention. As a legal advisor and coach, I show my clients how to protect their business in a way that feels comfortable and understandable while providing practical advice and services. I help them create a legal framework that aligns with their business strategy and is adaptable to their future evolution.”

About Randi Karpinia

Randi Karpinia, CEO of Sagacity Legal, transforms entrepreneurs’ ideas and inventions into intellectual property assets that can lead to huge profits. With over twenty years of legal experience, Ms. Karpinia is a recognized expert in all aspects of business legal operations, focusing on intellectual property rights and management. At Sagacity Legal, she guides her clients through the legal risks they’ll face now and in the future, so they can focus their time and efforts on the value, expertise, and experience they bring to their business.

Ms. Karpinia’s expertise is well recognized industry-wide, including recently being honored as a 2021 Small Business Person of the Year Finalist by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches and included in the WIPF – 2021 Powerful Women in IP list.

Ms. Karpinia’s credentials include a B.E.E, with honors, from Georgia Institute of Technology; a M.E.E. from Florida Atlantic University; and a J.D. Magna Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern University. Ms. Karpinia is admitted to practice law in Florida and before the USPTO, and is a Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer.

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