Real Estate Broker Ezequiel (Zeke) Quijano Shares Insights on Navigating the Real Estate Market in Recent Agents Lounge Podcast

Ezequiel (Zeke) Quijano, owner and brokerage broker of QK Homes, recently appeared as a guest on the Agents Lounge Podcast, where he shared valuable insights and advice on navigating the real estate market. In a candid conversation with podcast hosts Nathan Gaylor and Francisco Bermudez Jr., Zeke discussed his journey into real estate, his strategies for success, and the importance of effective communication with clients.
During the episode, Zeke highlighted the importance of having a clear understanding of clients’ needs and preferences. He emphasized the need for clients to be on the same page when it comes to their requirements, stating, “You guys have to work this out and get on the same page before you tell me what you want to accomplish.”
Zeke’s unique background as a former electrical engineer and his experience in technical sales have equipped him with exceptional organizational and problem-solving skills, which he has seamlessly applied to his real estate career. He mentioned, “The sales process in real estate is different, but what’s really common in all sales jobs is that it’s always a people business.”
As a bilingual real estate professional, Zeke also shared valuable insights into working with Spanish-speaking clients. While he doesn’t specifically target the bilingual community in his marketing efforts, Zeke mentioned that most of his Spanish-speaking clients come through referrals. He emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with clients and providing exceptional service, which leads to positive word-of-mouth referrals within the Spanish-speaking community.
Throughout the episode, Zeke showcased his passion for helping clients achieve their goals in real estate. His dedication to understanding their unique needs and going above and beyond to provide personalized service has earned him a strong reputation and a loyal client base.
Zeke’s exceptional track record in the industry has resulted in numerous success stories, including one particularly memorable experience with a client named Patrick. Despite Patrick purchasing a home sight unseen, Zeke’s expertise and personalized service ensured a smooth transaction, leading to a long-term relationship and five transactions over the years.
As Zeke continues to impact the real estate industry, he remains committed to staying informed about market trends and leveraging various tools, such as and Mortgage Rate Daily, to provide his clients with the most up-to-date information.
To learn more about Ezequiel (Zeke) Quijano and his insights on real estate, listen to his episode on the Agents Lounge Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms.
About Ezequiel (Zeke) Quijano:
Ezequiel (Zeke) Quijano is the owner and brokerage broker of QK Homes, a real estate brokerage based in San Antonio, TX. With a background in electrical engineering and technical sales, Zeke brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. His expertise, exceptional organizational skills, and dedication to client satisfaction have earned him a strong reputation among buyers and sellers. Zeke is bilingual and specializes in serving both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

About the Agents Lounge Podcast:
The Agents Lounge Podcast is a dynamic and informative podcast hosted by Nathan Gaylor and Francisco Bermuda Jr. The podcast explores the world of real estate and features discussions with industry experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Listeners gain valuable insights and advice to help navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.

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