Rebeca Fernández – How Lean-Agile Mindset Can Help Companies

Rebecca Fernandez

How does “change” happen in your organisation? Is it through major initiatives, or is it part of the ongoing way you work?

The current situation is forcing many around the world to rethink our daily lives, personally and professionally. In response to travel bands, and lockdown procedures, and only being able to go out of the house for essential activities, like shopping for food and medicine. In terms of working, everyone should be working from home unless absolutely necessary. It´s has been of vital importance to digitally transform our places of fitness, education and work to be able to operate effectively.

Rebeca Fernández, is an expert in HR Transformation and knows a lot about innovation and creating cultures that embrace and adapt to change. She and her company Golden Human Capital are changing and disrupting the HR industry, and helping multiple high-profile organisations around the world to automate HR processes and increase revenue through innovative HR strategies. “Like in life, businesses also need to be very adaptable and quick to the change through constant improvement and cooperation of the whole team. The new world that we are living in has forced companies to use technology well to keep going and rethink their business models but not at the same pace or level of adoption” – she recites.

Rebeca believes that some companies have been PUSHED out from their comfort zone and transformed completely from traditional to digital ways of working. She is seeing that these companies have been PUSHED to start developing strategies, making plans, identifying technologies and reconfiguring budgets to make this a central objective. They have been also PUSHED to be flexible, efficient and innovative type of working at all levels of the organisation through mandating adoption or forcefully implementing technology. “These are the companies that will suffer the most long-term if they don´t manage the change in a proper way” – she states.

On the other hand, Rebeca thinks that there are other companies that have been PULLED to digitize their way of working. These companies that have been PULLED to digital transformation, have the ability to draw out their people, resources and processes as needed to address this “challenging” period by taking an “opportunistic” way. These companies have been PULLED to cultivate the type of conditions that will secure their change in the most effective way. These are the typical companies that leverages technology at all levels to become flexible, efficient, innovative and highly competitive.

Rebeca believes that it is very important that companies adapt to a rapidly changing world without damaging their revenues streams. More than ever, companies need to focus on empowerment of their teams by becoming supremely human. Developing an Agile mindsets could be a good start! Agile is all about collaboration and adaptation. Agile empowers teams to make the next right decision again and again.

Rebeca thinks that another way to continue to improve through change, is developing a Lean mindset in companies. Lean teaches us that we must develop our people and culture, through continuous improvement, before we develop our products. A good practice is to start small by applying Lean in a single team and later spread Lean across departments, eventually transforming your whole company into a Lean organization.

If you and your company are suffering from this transformation period that we all are living from traditional to digital way of working, and you are concerned about the way your organisation is managed and your teams are performing through this change, Rebeca Fernandez is a rising star in the HR industry with an innovative perspective who can help you through this changing journey by supporting your business growth.

“We won´t be back to normal and the world will change due to coronavirus, and we all know that that the only way to go out from this crisis is by being one large-world team. In businesses it is the same, working as a team “from the distance” is more important than ever! and this mentality needs to be well-established in the companies. But we need to start small, and that´s why developing Agile-Lean mindsets could be a good start!”

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