Rebecca Tervo’s “Beautifully Bloomed” Featured Guest Gayle Nowak to Discuss Overcoming Shame, Silence and Invisibility in Business

BEVERLY, MASS. — Beautifully Bloomed welcomed certified SourcedTM Retreat Master and brand visibility sage Gayle Nowak as the featured guest on April 29, 2021 titled Shame, Silence and Invisibility.

Nowak explained that even when entrepreneurs want to be visible, they can experience deeper fears and energetic blocks that hold them back from stepping fully into it.

“Many entrepreneurial lightworkers have experienced difficult childhoods that can be at the root of their visibility wounds. This can manifest as an emotional and energetic block in their heart and throat chakras and even sometimes in their root and sacral chakra,” Nowak said. “I work with my clients to heal and clear these blocks and own their stories for good so they can authentically step out and speak their truth.”

Nowak and Tervo also discussed Human Design and why emotions can be an advantage especially for mission-led entrepreneurs, healers, speakers and authors who have emotional authority. In Human Design, authority gives insight into a person’s decision-making process. According to Jovian Archive, slightly more than half of humanity is emotionally defined, meaning that they make decisions from their emotions before they have complete clarity. The key is to ride the highs and lows of those emotions and wait until you feel calm before making a decision.

“Our emotions are really wise and when we lean into them they give us clues that can lead to better decisions and the right opportunities,” Tervo said.

The host of Beautifully Bloomed, Rebecca Tervo, is a certified life coach and founder of Rebecca Tervo Coaching helping women coaches create a life and business that is in line with their Human Design. She is also the author of Shattered: From Grief to Joy After My Son’s Suicide, about the loss of her son to suicide and how she turned her grief and the lessons she learned from it to create a purposeful, happy life on her terms.

Gayle Nowak is a transformational retreat leader, speaker, online radio show host, magazine contributor, and founder of The Story Stylist, an award-winning authority positioning agency for mission-led entrepreneurs, visionaries, healers, speakers and authors based in Beverly, Massachusetts. Through her private and small group retreats, Nowak creates space for clients to find the message and story that best positions their magic and brand by courageously revealing who they truly are on a deep, soul level. As a result, her clients clear visibility blocks and show up powerfully to speak and lead from a happy, loving heart.

Nowak has appeared in the Beverly Citizen, Boston Herald, Boston Voyager Magazine, as well as on dozens of newspaper, TV and radio news websites across the country. She’s also creator and host of Positive News Now and a contributor to TED-Ed, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine.

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