Ron Lynch Announces Intellihelp Service To Connect People With COVID-19 Help And Assistance

Intellihelp is a grassroots peer-to-peer movement born on the first day of the COVID Crisis in North America. So far over 50,000 people across the globe united in a matter of days with citizen led initiatives to feed and care for the most vulnerable of their neighbors.

Since then volunteers in thirteen countries have raised their hands either to ask for help or to deliver love to those who need it before the wheels of emergency services and government can step in. Rapid community engagement saves lives and provides security with a volunteer distribution and financial support net for people at risk from a shortage of medication and food.

They do not distribute blankets, tents or financial band-aids but are the first responders with meals and antibacterial over the counter supplies. We make sure the vulnerable stay at home safe and fed and keep others from resorting to desperate measures to feed their families.

“Our goal is to provide and protect with food,” Founder Ron Lynch said.

This leaves infrastructure open and clear for the professional emergency service, government, and high-level pros to step in and do their jobs for those with emergency medical and life saving requirements including rescues.

Lynch explained, “Intellihelp is 100% direct donor-to-recipient. Individual donors – “Angels” – self-pair with one recipient in need. Angels get the opportunity to save a life the simple way. It is both empowering and fulfilling. It creates real relationships out of crisis. We can rely on each other.”

How Intellihelp Works:

Intellihelp Angels respond to requests for help for emergency food rations and drug store medical and hygiene supplies. These Angels are volunteers who heed the call to those in need and jump up to fulfill or even deliver food to the elderly who cannot get to the grocery store. Diapers and formula to moms who can’t afford to keep their kids comfortable, and over-the-counter medications like Tylenol to those who can’t get any.

“Humanity is alive and well,” Lynch added. “At Intellihelp, we are the simple solution to a massive problem. Peace, comfort, calm and staple groceries.”

Intellihelp’s motto is: “Courage abounds. Empathy radiates. Purpose is fulfilled.”

Founder of Intellihelp, Ron Lynch, is an expert business strategist that has generated 4 plus billion in revenue for clients including Samsung, J& J GoPro, OxiClean and 295 more. He has leveraged 100% of his personal contacts, marketing and business modeling and media expertise and income to launch a faster internet solution to keep people around the globe at home; fed survival rations in a direct peer to peer cultural movement. Love delivered.

To learn more about how to join the Intellihelp mission, visit: Or, call, (425) 281-3460. E-mail Ron Lynch at:

Connect with Intellihelp online via social media at:

 About Ron Lynch

Ron Lynch is a unique creative force in the marketing industry. He is a screenwriter, copywriter, director, producer, inventor, author and most of all a lighthearted soul with deep thoughts. A background in grocery retail operations with a sideline in filmmaking and product design made him naturally take to making infomercials in the early 2000’s. He has a passion for ethically bringing innovations to consumers that solve real problems. Most often associated as the creative, strategist GoPro and 70 other brands including Rug Doctor, Orange Glo/OxiClean, Samsung, J&J, S.C. Johnson Brands.

He has several patents, had a hand in penning over a dozen films and produced a library of over 400 television commercials. He is happy to offer counsel and perspective to open minds and hearts. Ron currently consults for a variety of consumer companies, does success coaching for elite marketers and frequently speaks at Universities as an expert in the Direct Response field. His book “But Now” is utilized in marketing schools and he has 4 more books in edit at the moment. “The Little Green Book” on Cannabis and Conservative Christianity bridging the usefulness of hemp and disconnecting the fears of intoxication. A fictional business fable called “It’s a Circus Out There” teaching 75 business lessons. Finally, a book based on his 13-week course the Marketing Mercenary. This teaches young marketers and experienced how to think about wealth, money and ethical sales from an audience perspective. It is a guide that over 100 people have used to launch businesses over the past 2 years.

He is a pragmatic Ferris Bueller with a Forrest Gump history. He is on the board of several tech and food-oriented start-ups as well. He is here to help offer perspective and teach you how to create connectivity that benefits those around you through the “Law of Traction”. He lives in West Austin with his wife of 30 years, his 3 adult kids and dog.

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