Saf Buxy is Awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters

Saf Buxy is a Social Behavioral Mentor and Addiction Champion.  He is an Author of the book Out of the Madness: A Message of Hope, Speaker, TV, Radio and Social Media personality, and respected pioneer in Addiction Consulting. He delivers life-changing material and personal expertise to shift clients towards a more fulfilling future. He is also the Trustee and UK overseer of a non-profit, Healing For The Nations International, Global Humanitarian Relief.

Saf Buxy’s humanitarian work has earned him awards before this current honor.  He is the recipient of both The Global Change Maker Award from LOANI and World Leaders Association and an Award of Honor from MENTORx- the Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award. Now he will be honored in mid April 2021 again.

Rev Prof Dr Patrick Njuguna from Breakthrough International Bible University sent Saf Buxy the following message, “… It is our honor and privilege having you be honored by our University in the 3rd group to be honored in Africa with an honorary doctorate Degree in Humane Letters and you to participate in our Annual Graduation. We believe that your contribution to helping others and ministry partnership awareness is unparalleled, and we are looking forward to hearing you speak on the subject whenever there shall be a chance.”

Saf Buxy is humbled to be honored with a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters in Nairobi, Kenya for his contributions to humanity in the middle of April 2021. He plans on accepting this honor in person. 

Tania Simmons and Founder of Healing For The Nations International, shares the following about Saf Buxy, “This is so exciting and what an honor to have a great man of faith, trusted leader director who carries the same heart, vision and purpose – to help others in love with a spirit of excellence. His story is like no other, his passion and purpose is huge and many lives will be impacted for the greater good in 2021. We will have many projects we will be working on and in many nations specifically India and Pakistan.”

Look for Saf Buxy to be acknowledged for his international humanitarian accomplishments during 2021 and beyond.  To get more information on Saf Buxy, go to

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