Sarah Griffiths helps domestic abuse victims to stay safe during lockdown

Highly specialised trauma and abuse therapist Sarah Griffiths wants to help domestic abuse victims that are trapped at home stay safe. 


Rates of domestic abuse killings have almost doubled since the start of lockdown. With quarantine keeping people confined to their homes all day, every day, victims are left with no escape from their abusers. As a result, many are increasingly vulnerable and left with few places to turn. 


As a trauma and abuse specialist and a past victim of abuse herself, Sarah is well-placed to spot the signs of emotional and physical violence, and signpost a way out to those who are scared or struggling. She knows what makes an abusive situation, and has advice on handling abusive people, getting help, and the steps you can take to support someone you think may be in trouble. 


For those who remain stuck in an abusive situation, Sarah encourages introspection and promotion of self-worth. No victim deserves the treatment they get, so it is important they ask themselves why it is they haven’t left yet. In Sarah’s opinion, preventing the continuation of abuse is as important as getting away from it. But if a victim believes they are only worth the cruelty they receive from a partner, chances are they will stay or return, allowing the cycle to continue. 


Sarah’s insights have the potential to help victims find the courage and information they need to finally break free of their abusive households. She advises them to be careful around their abusers, while seeking out help online or from friends and family. She also wants sufferers to know that there are ways out, even under current circumstances, where so many of the usual support lines are shut down and access to family and friends is limited. 


For support and further information visit or email sarah directly 

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