Scott Harrity of Buy & Sell & Save Realty Announces Innovative Full-Service Real Estate Programs Designed To Save Home Buyers And Sellers Thousands On Their Real Estate Commissions

Scott Harrity, Broker and founder of Buy & Sell & Save Realty LLC, has launched three real estate programs designed to save the company’s clients thousands of dollars on their real estate transactions when compared to typical commissions charged by other full-service brokerages. There are individual programs for:

– clients who are only buying a home
– clients who are only selling a home
– clients who are both buying and selling

Based on Harrity’s program, home buyers who work with Buy & Sell & Save Realty to purchase a property – but not sell another – receive a 10% rebate of the broker’s commission applied directly to their costs at settlement. If the home buyer is a veteran of the U.S. military, a 15% rebate is applied.

The company’s selling only program provides clients with a discounted sales commission rate of either 4% or 4.5% (if the buyer is represented by another agent). “The beauty of our program is that – unlike traditional commission discounts – the reduced commission doesn’t make our client’s home less attractive to the buyer’s agent,” expressed Harrity. “Since we only reduce our part of the commission – and not the buyer’s agent’s part – our client’s home is just as attractive as any other on the market from a commission standpoint. This is usually not the case in a discounted commission scenario.” Clients who are considering selling a home through this program can calculate their estimated commission savings by utilizing the Selling Real Estate Commission Savings Calculator on the company’s website.

Clients who both buy and sell a home through Buy & Sell & Save Realty’s program receive the greatest savings on their real estate transactions. “If I’m getting two commissions for the same client – one for buying and one for selling – that client deserves an even more substantial savings on their selling commission… and I’m in a position to provide that to them,” explained Harrity. Clients who both buy and sell though this program are not charged a percentage of the sales price as a commission, but rather pay a fixed fee based on the home’s sale price. That fee is generally significantly less than a traditional real estate commission. Based on the program design, if the buyer is represented by another agent, Buy & Sell & Save Realty’s program will add a 3% commission to the fee to cover the buyer’s agent commission. “Here again,” explained Harrity “we want to make sure that our client’s home is marketed on equal footing – from a commission standpoint – with comparable homes, so it receives all the attention it deserves from other agents and their prospective buyers.” Clients who are considering buying and selling a home through this program can calculate their estimated commission savings by utilizing the Buying & Selling Real Estate Commission Savings Calculator on the company’s website.

When asked about the inspiration for the development of these client-centric real estate programs, Harrity responded, “I’ve always had a passion for saving consumers money, providing genuine value, and not having to ask for referrals. When you provide this level of service and value, you don’t have to ask for referrals. They just come… in one case, actually running across the lawn from a neighboring property to a sold property with our crew picking up the sign. It’s because of our unique sign advertising the savings.”

Harrity believes that keeping his agents happy is a necessity, and equally as important as providing savings and outstanding service to his clients. “A great mindset is essential to creating a great client experience,” Harrity continued, “so I strive to keep their attitudes positive by providing as much value as I can to them as well. We provide a beautiful office environment, no brokerage fees, and a 90% commission payout. Happy agents result in happy clients.”

While offering substantial discounts on real estate sales commissions, Buy & Sell & Save Realty LLC operates as a full-service real estate brokerage. According to Harrity, clients can expect the same level of service they would receive from any of the large real estate firms. “We are clearly full service with the same marketing exposure and performance that you would expect from any good real estate brokerage – including professional photographs, property videos, social media marketing, experienced negotiators, and much more.”

For more information about Buy & Sell & Save Realty LLC and their programs for home buyers and sellers, visit

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