Shelle Pennington, Realtor with Addison & Maxwell Real Estate, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Shelle Pennington discusses educating clients for a smooth home-buying experience. 

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In this episode, Shelle Pennington emphasizes the significance of educating and supporting individuals throughout the process of finding a home and moving. She acknowledges that this process can be overwhelming, especially for those who have no prior experience or exposure to homeownership within their immediate family or sphere of influence. Therefore, Shelle Pennington and their team are passionate about teaching people about the process and helping them prepare to become homeowners.

To provide support, Shelle mentions her involvement with nonprofits that offer grants and assistance to individuals who have decided to pursue homeownership. She also highlights opportunities for people to receive down payment assistance and grants for closing costs, although it may require some research and understanding of how these programs work.

Shelle Pennington explains that she prefers not to overwhelm people with all the information right from the start. Instead, she follows a sequential order of events and explains the process step by step. For example, she clarifies how the offer process works and what it entails to compete for a home. By setting expectations and providing information, Shelle believes it helps everyone involved approach the process with more confidence.

Throughout the process, Shelle Pennington and her team ensure that they are available as the main point of contact for their clients. They utilize various communication methods such as emails, videos, phone calls, and other touchpoints to educate and support their clients. She emphasizes that no question is too trivial and encourages clients to reach out at any time to have their questions answered.

Shelle shared: “One of the things that we’re really passionate about is just teaching people about the process. The process itself can feel very overwhelming if you’ve never done it and you’ve never seen anybody in your immediate family or sphere of influence who has owned a home. So, helping people, making sure that we’re educating them about what they can do to prepare to be a homeowner in terms of financing, in terms of the process, and things like that. And then obviously, I’m involved with some nonprofits around town here that also support that through grants and other ways to help people along the way.”

About Shelle Pennington

Born and raised in the Littleton area, Shelle gained a true appreciation for the natural beauty right outside her door and stayed local to attend the University of Colorado. Licensed since 2002, Shelle enjoys her job now as much as in the beginning. A natural networker, she builds genuine connections within her community. In addition to extensive knowledge of the Denver Metro area, Shelle has personal experience remodeling homes and investing in real estate – sharing this first-hand knowledge with her clients is invaluable in helping them accomplish their dreams of homeownership and building wealth. Her gift for mediating and passion for fairness equates to strong negotiation skills and an unmatched level of care.

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