“Social Dilemma”? The Real Dilemma is Closer to Home

The Social Dilemma

Even before the world locked down, something sinister was already happening.

There was a kind of despair energy lurking in people’s hearts all over the world, and especially in the online business marketplace.

It was this ‘Groundhog Day’ feeling when every day seemed to follow the same challenge, to conquer a particular corner of social media and the 10,000 moving parts of sustaining an online business.

As the corporate world shifts, and crumbles from its old institutional status, as technology grows ever more complex and central to staying afloat in business, thousands upon thousands of people, many of them barely out of nappies, are taking up entrepreneurship. 

And, they were lulled into a state of torpor, beholding this pandemic trend whilst simultaneously feeling the weight of establishing and maintaining viability in an ever more crowded market.

Here’s the stark truth:

Anybody relying on building a business via the internet, that would be most of the world, faces massive saturation of services, ruthless competition, the mighty power of advertising and social media.

Let’s add to that the perils of down-the-rabbit-hole distraction tactics imposed by the social media titans.

When it comes to keeping a natural, healthy, lifestyle balance, and hanging on to dreams and caring for what matters, individuals have never been so challenged; independently and as a human race. 

The acclaimed film ‘Social Dilemma,’ released on Netflix this year, thrust these issues into awareness and snapped some out of the coma.  However, the social dilemma is seen as a threat to Preeminence – a menace to individuals living their highest life.

Even though individuals have become used to social media as being the next best thing to sliced bread, it turns out that for years they have been tossed around like a commodity.

The film reveals that people ARE a commodity, being traded by the controllers of internet power so that they can predict futures and profits. 

The world has collided with its fallibility.

While millions of people need the help of the small service provider as never before – they all have to be awake enough to leave the matrix, switch the damn screens off and follow their own great destiny. 

People must be courageous enough to follow their calling and initiate the kind of change that will create a positive impact; not just with a limited vision of their potential, but on a bigger scale.

So, the real social dilemma is re-claiming one’s power, to rise above the power of the social media titans, and refuse to let them impede personal glory.

It’s time to stop the pattern and see the opportunity that this pandemic is offering. But it’s going to take something different – something that breaks the pattern of the statistics and the status-quos.

Here’s the thing.

Just as the world collided on its fallibilities, there emerged a bridge between the old paradigm and the new.  This bridge has been there for years, but most people never saw it. 

On one side, in the old paradigm, stand the titans of business – sales, marketing strategy, leadership, banks and corporate power. 

On this side lie the arenas of linear thinking, structure, money management, productivity and performance, and profits before people.

On the other side of the bridge lies the phenomenal knowledge individuals have about how the universe works.

On this side lies the possibilities of freedom that people own in their immense human nature, of their limitless and infinite potential. 

On this side are emerging the titans of new thought, quantum science, the pioneers of consciousness, the leaders in sciences of the human mind, explorers of nature and the cosmos, knowledge of neurobiology, not to mention the bright new technological aptitudes of the younger generations.

This can no longer be ignored.

Science and thought leaders have shown for the last 30 to 50 years that business success, harmony and fulfilment are not external to humankind.

They are simply a reflection of the inner world, individually and collectively. People co-create the world together. And they have free choice to create the one they aspire to live in. Individually and together.

CV19 reminded us. 

The two sides are now bridged. 

Everything about this paradigm is a reminder that doing things the old way must be a thing of the past, when all of this knowledge exists; to prove that individuals are on the brink of an evolutionary shift.

So, this is the invitation to be in the world at the level where people dream of using that bridge.

The bridge IS the way! 

Stepping onto that bridge means unleashing Preeminence if those dreams are genuinely desired.  

  • It means that tactics, planning, strategy and left-brained approaches to success demand re-evaluation. 
  • It means showing up in the world at a highest-self of consciousness, with full potential, now.
  • It means taking a hard look at where the holes are in one’s ability to monetize and scale, and knowing the first work to do comes from within! 
  • It means putting away shiny objects and dream-crushing distraction, and mastering necessary timeless business skills that work, now. 
  • It means finding one’s level of genius, their CEO and committing to being a ‘disciple to the most exquisite highest life vision. 
  • It means becoming Preeminent in the field that one desires, an authority, a renowned, trustworthy, inspiring, brilliant leader.

Many have probably talked about ‘Stepping Up’ for years, and have idealised success and fulfilling potential, forever.

These same individuals have dreamed, visualised, trained, fallen, got back up, tried, failed, cried, laughed, started again and again, re-strategised, re-branded and renewed their devotion.

They have experimented, prayed, been mentored, read, studied, tried every methodology under the sun, followed the blueprints of those in higher places and still it seems as if nothing changes.

Then came Covid19, which switched on the lights of opportunity for every entrepreneurial change-maker out there. 

And the film Social Dilemma, which gives a timely invitation to examine the responsibility individuals have to shift the way they spend their time, focus, habits, and convictions.

The red pill? Or the blue pill? 

Continued coma and a ceiling on personal success and fulfilment? 

Or crossing that bridge to find unlimited potential even if it’s impossible to see the other side. 

Maybe the individual feels that scrolling on SM is more of a priority than this. 

Prioritising a dopamine hit before the individuals’ legacy. 

That is a REALLIFE Social Dilemma.

Freedom is always in the hands of the individual, just a choice away.

Copyright Jenni Parker Brown

Jenni's mission is to help women entrepreneurs leverage their genius, grace, and super-powers to transcend any market challenges and fulfill their greatest potential as healthy, wealthy change-makers.

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