Socrates and Soc – Inspiring Readers of All Ages to Journey into the Imagination

Maria Xenidou, Author of Socrates and Soc

A truly amazing story that captures all ages! If a cast that includes Socrates himself isn’t impressive enough, the well-written screenplay surely is. We would love to see this one on the big screen!” – Movie Pitcher Inc. –

Visionary Maria Xenidou has lived her life with an intense fascination with the ancient ways of life. In particular with the life of ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates. Born on Christmas Day in Nicosia, Cyprus, Maria was destined to share her gifts with the world.

Socrates and Soc Book.As the author of Socrates and Soc, she does just that by presenting a magical view based on an ancient tale, inspiring readers to express their creativity in all that they do and believe in the impossible. 

Throughout her life, Maria has had a successful career in nutrition and cosmetology.

Fortunately, for the millions of curious minds and avid dreamers, she never lost sight of her true calling which is her remarkable communication skills, her great love of children, and her passion to help kids become excited about learning.

These attributes are what led her to write Socrates and Soc, which shares beautifully her knowledge and passion of the ancient Greek culture and traditions and appeals to children and the young-at-heart. 

Socrates and Soc is the witty story of two identical 13-year-old boys, who travel between 457 B.C. and 2004 A.D. and experience the dramatic changes in the world which they are discovering for the very first time.

As Socrates marvels at new world inventions such as electricity, the internet, and even fizzy drinks, his level of curiosity is taken to all new heights.

Simultaneously, Soc is learning to appreciate simpler gifts such as sunrises, morning crowing of roosters, and the wonders of nature.

Through it all, the boys’ journeys allow them to encounter historical events, in each era, including one of the earliest Olympic Games at Olympia for Soc.

The adventures provide both boys with life-changing moments and offer readers enlightening lessons of imagining life beyond what is seen in the now and believing in the impossible! 

Originally, the story of Socrates and Soc was written as a 3D animated movie screenplay. The completed version was sent to film director legend Barry Cook, who has directed well-known animated movies such as Disney’s Mulan.

Cook’s supportive words, in response to the screenplay, were, I would eagerly throw my hat in the ring for consideration as director of the project.”

Also highly interested in the screenplay has been Pam Coats of the much-loved Mulan. Having had voice castings with Greek actors at the National theatre of Nicosia, Cyprus, underway established actors including Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, and Elizabeth Perkins interested in participating in the film, Maria has been anxious to build a solid plan to continue moving forward with the project. 

As interest by dozens of big names is rapidly building, for involvement in the big-screen version of Socrates and Soc, Maria is currently open to serious discussions with potential investors, producers, and directors who feel they can encompass perfectly this compelling, light-hearted journey through time.

Socrates and Soc is a unique and witty book. It had a sense of authenticity and gave its characters unique quirks, showing us the Great Socrates in a completely different light – that of an awkward, funny, teenager. I recommend this book for all ages.” – Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

With a vision of motivating children and teenagers to pursue stories of ancient times, learning and education, and activities that develop their imagination, Maria’s book, Socrates and Soc, is a modern-day adventure guide that takes inquisitive minds throughout history by way of quirky teenage boys exploring their way through unchartered territories.

As the majority of individuals today live their lives by looking toward the future, it is important to note the transformations made throughout each century and to value the gifts of the imagination.

For it is the imagination of the dreamers that spread much-needed magic in the world.

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