Staffing Expert, Kevin Burr, Releases Secrets in New Book for Hiring Great Talent The First Time

TULSA, Okla.—October 19, 2020—Today award-winning staffing expert, Kevin Burr, owner of the popular Barracuda Staffing firm, has released his anticipated new book, “The Insiders Playbook To Hiring Great Talent.” This essential guide to hiring stellar employees was designed to share Burr’s best tools with his HR clients so they can succeed in avoiding common hiring pitfalls and instead attract the top candidates in the first round of interviews and vetting.

Burr has had many years of experience and great success in advising clients in assembling a top staff and avoiding a future full of unwanted attrition or employee poaching. He draws on more than a decade of satisfied clients as the five-time winner of the Tulsa Awards for “Best Staffing Company.” He shares his recruiting insight and methods for taking a talent search to the next level, guiding and empowering hiring managers step-by-step through the HR process. Throughout, he offers practical instruction with the best tools to use in hiring the absolute best candidate for the job.

According to the author, “As the owner of Barracuda Staffing, I want the hiring managers to know that hiring great talent is possible if you follow the best methods of identifying the best candidates. If a hiring manager is not prepared, hiring the wrong candidate or missing the better one could be costly for the business. In ‘The Insiders Playbook to Hiring Great Talent,’ I discuss proven ways where hiring managers can take advantage of efficiently getting through the process and using proven hiring tools such as advertising, background testing, training, and onboarding.”

He added, “It is important to get it right the first time and to understand that there is actual science behind hiring, including creating job postings that stand out, pre-screening, personality scans and effectively understanding why a great candidate may not be right for your company culture. Knowing how to ask questions and when to be patient in listening to a candidate is key. Hiring the best staffing agency is the perfect answer, giving your company a way to focus on your core business. Hiring is best done by contracting experts in the staffing field to do the legwork and screening. In my book, you’ll learn how to find the perfect staffing agency for your company with a comprehensive list of questions to ask an agency during your search.”

Burr imparts practical and time-saving advice to avoid the biggest mistakes made by hiring managers, mistakes that can lead HR to standing in the way of hiring great talent. He has included the best, comprehensive interview guide with essential questions used in the screening process.

Burr and his team have facilitated the hiring of more than 10,000 candidates over the years. His company has grown and succeed in using the principles of relationship building on every level. The Barracuda Staffing Agency has been featured on the Inc. Magazine list of “Best Places to Work in America,” and was twice honored as one of the Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies.” 

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