Staffing Expert, Kevin Burr, Succeeds on Eight Amazon Best Seller Lists

TULSA, Okla.—November 1, 2020—Today, the bestselling book, “Hired to Hire: The Insider’s Playbook To Hiring Great Talent” by Kevin Burr, reached the coveted number one spot on Amazon’s Best Seller List in both the Labor and Employment Law and Internships categories. “Hired to Hire” is now ranked number two in the job interviewing and job resumes category and number three in the vocational guidance column.

Burr’s hiring advice has also made a great impression on job hunting, career guides, human resources, and personnel management areas. He is seen as the expert on hiring great talent, becoming a nationally acclaimed go-to author for hiring managers tasked with matching the ideal candidate for the right position.

Burr says, “To have ‘Hired to Hire’ become a best seller in my chosen area of expertise, hiring, and staffing, is a profound honor. I am so passionate about helping employers and candidates find the ideal, mutual fit, proving time after time that when teams get better with well-suited talent, companies will achieve a better ROI, and the bottom line grows. Being recognized by my industry is validation that I am really doing what I was meant to do.” 

Burr now serves as president of Barracuda Staffing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this role, he offers a lifetime of experience in human resources to make his clients successful. Over the years, he and his team have facilitated the hiring of more than 10,000 people. Burr has been able to grow the company on the principles of building relationships on every level.

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