Su Orosa Announces Program to Deal With Harsh Inner Critic

Su Orosa announces her 30 day program ‘How to Manage Your Inner Critic’. Arguably this is the harshest critic in this world and Su has identified that, and she wants to help you manage it.

From the very start, Su has had one goal in mind; that goal is to help busy, professional women rediscover and reconnect with peace, joy and purpose in life. With a vast array of knowledge, experience and skills from being a mental health and wellness coach with a background in counselling, she’s definitely qualified to help any struggling woman. With a focused, honest and compassionate approach Su will find a personalised approach for each individual client. With constant care and support every step of the way, she takes clients out of their comfort zones, digs deep to find that underlying issue, and channels courage to allow them to make the much needed change.

Her original three-month personal development program (which, may I add, includes a one day wellbeing retreat) focuses on a multitude of issues women face and with many happy clients, proves success. This isn’t all she offers however, so take a look at her website, there will undoubtedly be something for you. Keep upto date with what Su is working on through her blogs.

What do her clients say?

“Truly wonderful nurturing experience giving validation to my own needs and allowing time to meet those needs. Thank you so much Su!” – L

“Fantastic! Thank you so much – today has impacted me more than I ever thought it would. I no longer feel like the swan gliding on top and swimming like hell underneath. Now I’m taking my time to happily glide and sometimes just be still.” – S

Su Orosa said “I want as many women as possible to live their purpose, which means helping them to live their lives on their own terms and achieve their dreams.”

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