Suzi Seddon’s Upcoming Book “Sell Like A Woman” Redefines Sales Strategy for Female Entrepreneurs

In a world where the words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ often evoke images of aggressive tactics and high-pressure maneuvers, one seasoned sales expert is challenging the status quo. Suzi Seddon, a renowned sales coach, bestselling co-author, and thought leader with over 30 years of experience in sales, has launched her groundbreaking book “Sell Like A Woman”. This book aims to revolutionize the way female entrepreneurs approach sales by tapping into their natural feminine energy.

For decades, women have navigated the world of sales with a sense of unease, often feeling pressured to adopt a more masculine approach to succeed. However, she argues that this approach not only feels unnatural but is also ineffective. “In the main, we resorted to copying our male counterparts or if we did receive sales training there was definitely a bias toward being pushy and forever looking for an opportunity to ‘close’ (horrible word). The problem was that male energy with a female mind resulted in mixed messages for both parties. Simply put, no one bought it!” says Seddon.

Recognizing the need for a more authentic and empathetic approach to sales, she developed her Flow State Selling System. This system empowers women to leverage their feminine energy to sell without the sleaze, allowing them to attract more leads and clients naturally.

“‘Sell Like A Woman’ seamlessly blends over 30 years of personal experience with astute observations to create a unique guide tailored for female entrepreneurs,” explains Seddon. The book delves into the two fundamental aspects of selling like a woman:

The Magic, which is all about embracing a mindset plays a crucial role in achieving sales success. She emphasizes the importance of embracing feminine energy strategies to make sales personal without the ‘ick’ factor.

The Method that she introduces the Flow State Selling System, a comprehensive framework designed to guide women through the art of selling in flow. This system focuses on acute listening, intuitive decision-making, and navigating objections with elegance.

Unlike traditional sales training that often promotes aggressive tactics, “Sell Like A Woman” celebrates the innate strengths of women in sales. “Today it is women’s soft skills that are needed. No one wants to be hard sold to, to be manipulated or pushed into a decision to buy. This is the gap women can step into with ease,” says Seddon.

The launch of “Sell Like A Woman” comes at a time when the importance of human connection in sales is more crucial than ever. Despite technological advancements, she emphasizes that there is no substitute for genuine human relationships when it comes to making sales. The book serves as a timely guide for individuals seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of technology while preserving the irreplaceable value of authentic connections.

With its empowering message and practical advice, “Sell Like A Woman” is poised to redefine the art of selling for female entrepreneurs everywhere. Grab your copy today and embark on a journey to sales success like never before.

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