Technology Entrepreneur Shannon Wilkinson’s New Book Hits Amazon’s #1 in Five Categories

Well known technology entrepreneur Shannon Wilkinson is now making waves with her recently released book titled “Ripping Off The Hoodie: Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Girls.” The book is currently the number one Amazon bestseller in as many as five categories. Moreover, it has also made it to the top 10 in Amazon Canada.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up only 28% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and men vastly outnumber women majoring in most STEM fields in college. The gender gaps are particularly high in some of the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs of the future, like computer science and engineering. Only 21% of engineering majors and 19% of computer science majors are women. Experts suggest that this gender gap can be narrowed down by creating equal opportunities for women to pursue and thrive in STEM careers. 

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Shannon Wilkinson has been involved in starting or assisting the launch of several technology start ups in the field of data integrity, cybersecurity, encryption, and distributed ledger technology. She has been featured in MyVegas Magazine as a Top 100 Women in Las Vegas in 2017 and 2018, and was selected as the 2018 Las Vegas Women in Technology – Cybersecurity and 2017 Las Vegas Women in Technology Entrepreneur. 

The book “Ripping Off The Hoodie: Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Girls” was written by Shannon to encourage young girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Science (STEM). She has been a lifelong advocate for girls in STEM and mentors young girls on their career paths. 

In her book, Shannon looks at different challenges faced by young girls and women in STEM from unconscious bias to overt sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The author strongly believes that these factors are responsible for women continuing to be an overwhelming minority within the STEM workforce.  She also explores different ways to encourage the next generation of girls in STEM. This book promises to be an excellent resource for educators, parents, and anyone who wants to see a better future. 

Recommending the book, an impressed reader mentioned in her review, “Wilkinson writes about the gap of female representation in the STEM fields. She shares an important perspective that we need to understand. Read this book!” 

“Ripping Off The Hoodie: Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Girls” is available in both Kindle as well as Paperback editions. 

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About the Author: Shannon Wilkinson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tego Cyber Inc, a cybersecurity threat intelligence company. Shannon spent 12 years overseas working for the United Nations building mission critical software platforms. Before co-founding Tego Cyber, she co-founded and was President of Axiom Cyber Solutions from 2015-2019 before exiting to private equity. Shannon co-founded the Healthcare Heroes Foundation amidst the COVID-19 crisis to give back to first responders and our healthcare heroes fighting the pandemic. Shannon also sits on the Board of the Princess Lee Foundation helping abused and disadvantaged youth across Southern Nevada.

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