The Addictions Academy Now Offers a New and Unique Professional Prison Reentry Coach Certification and Training Program to Help Recently Released Individuals Successfully Reenter Society

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have a unique program designed to offer training allowing the new Certified Prison Reentry Coach to help offenders reintegrate into society after serving jail and federal time.

A Certified Prison Reentry Coach will be trained, insured, and able to coach a client back into a valued member of their community.

Dr. Estes said, “We are missing a golden opportunity in many cases, a lot of former inmates are left to fend for themselves when released and find they don’t have the tools or skills to cope with life outside the prison walls.”

“Too many of these individuals end up back inside, when they can become valued members of society. They just need some guidance and our reform system isn’t providing what they need very often.”

An Addictions Academy Certified Prison Reentry Coach helps offenders return to society by coaching them on many aspects of life in the free world. These include financial, physical, nutrition, mental, and other aspects of their life that may be new, or may have changed drastically, as they re-enter their communities.

As recently reported by CBS, a reintegration program often “partners corrections with other state agencies and community nonprofits organizations to help those on probation or parole.” And by focusing on barriers like drug addiction, lack of social support and continued legal troubles, they have been finding success with the participants.

“Our approach is a prison reentry program that will help an offender return to society and become a productive member. The emphasis is placed on reducing recidivism, creating job skills, handling relationships, and creating social skills,” explained Dr. Estes.

She continued, “It is entirely about long-term solutions and success, but we do it through a highly integrative process that has shown tremendous success among those we help.”

Dr. Cali Estes and her team offer a full certification not to just Recovery or other professionals, but to ex-criminal offenders. By training them how to help other offenders reentry into society, they gain valuable skills and a job which can often be a huge challenge upon reentry.

Dale White, Founder & President of Reentry Solutions Network notes, “The stigma attached to people released from incarceration is one that creates barriers to reentry. And labeling them as “convicted felons” offends many because it continues to follow them into everything they do. Helping communities and these “Returning Citizens” see themselves as valuable members of society is life changing.”

The Prison Reentry Coach Certification and training program is based on The 5 Keys Model for reentry into society. When combined, all 5 Keys aim to increase overall well-being of the individual and decrease the likelihood of future criminal involvement. These 5 Keys include: Finding and Maintaining Meaningful Work, Creating and Applying Effective Coping Strategies, Creating Positive Social Engagement, Building Positive Relationships, and Creating Healthy Thinking Patterns.

Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy have been offering a wide-ranging assortment of advanced training for several years in an ongoing effort to counteract the growing addiction problem. The Academy has more than 30 faculty teaching over 40 courses in five different languages. Program graduates can be found in 25 countries helping address the addiction problem worldwide.

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