The Corporate Yogi Podcast with Stephanie Mitchell, Founder of The Elite Corporate Yogi Program and The Rolling Mat Mobile Yoga Studio

About her show, The Corporate Yogi Podcast, Steph explains that “Each week I will introduce yoga teachers and wellness pros to other experts in the field who have walked the walk so that they can see not only what is possible but also how to make their corporate yoga & wellness business a reality!”

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About Stephanie Mitchell

Steph developed her love for yoga during her early college years at Kennesaw State University. After taking her first class in 2007, Steph quickly saw the benefits in her physical and mental state. After back-aching years behind a desk in a corporate office, Steph followed her passion and launched The Rolling Mat Mobile Yoga Studio in 2015.

Things quickly evolved. She discovered a unique way to put her love for yoga and intense desire to help people and developed a successful corporate yoga & wellness branch of her business made to increase mindfulness, community and productivity in the workplace. After having much success and hearing the cries from fellow yoga teachers about their lack of income and impact, Steph created The Elite Corporate Yogi Program designed to teach aspiring yogis how to ditch the low paying studio classes and build a rewarding & profitable corporate yoga & wellness business!

Stephanie and her guests on The Corporate Yogi Podcast provide concrete information and action steps for yoga teachers starting a corporate wellness business! Furthermore, the show provides corporations with solid statistics and success stories so that they can understand the full benefits of offering wellness incentives to their employees.


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