The Driving Force

The Driving Force by Jenni Parker-Brown

It’s time.

Time to stop messing about and take the next leap of faith in yourself, your team, and your vision, and whilst to some that may seem like a crazy idea because you have everything worked out, everything is never as it seems.

And therein lies the challenge.

You haven’t found the next big thing that will have you expressing the next-level version of self yet.

Yeah, there are Masterminds out there, there are people waiting and wanting to join your team, and there are clients wanting to work with you, but nothing, and no-one seems to be the right fit.


Because they are not playing big enough.

Not investing enough in themselves or the growth of their business.

Those who pitch to you don’t understand your vision or take the time to find out about your business.

They want in and haven’t even gone to your website or actually took the time to understand the social media presence.

They are wasting your time simply by even being in your energetic space.

Your circle has become even smaller because fewer and fewer people are playing at your level, and many of those didn’t even see you coming.

The training pieces out there are as basic as a cheese and tomato sandwich and offer you nothing more than a refresher on the basics you learnt in business decades ago.

You want to learn something new; you want to be challenged and stimulated by content and conversations that your soul has been crying out for.

You want game-changing, high-level conversations with people who are not afraid or intimidated to say or write the things needing to be said and written.

You want to be surrounded by people who are not afraid of the investment needed to get them there because you understood a long time ago, it is not the coach or the leader who is responsible for your growth; it is you.

The buck, as they say, stops with you, always has done, always will do.

You have been stepping back, watching, listening, observing, and whilst everyone else has been caught up in the rhetoric of what a terrible year 2020 was and then hoping for a great 2021, and you feel nothing.

You don’t want to celebrate with them, and you don’t even want to engage with it all. Why get carried away in celebrating a day created by someone who had a fight with his bed sheet and lost thousands of years ago?

Every day is the start of a new year, every day is judgment day, and every day we get to step up into being the leader, the game-changer, and the person we want to be.

You read a phrase once that has been reverberating around in the back of your mind for a long time “It’s lonely at the top,” and you started living it a while ago.

Did you manifest it, or is it simply a truth that was spoken akin to the sun rises and sets with the moon?

Does it really matter?

Because the truth of the matter is, it is becoming true because so many people are not able to have the conversations you have or want to have; and you haven’t got the time or the inclination to be the one to help them understand.

It’s not through arrogance; it is through necessity because you know your purpose on this planet has reached an all-time high, which sees you serve those at a much higher level than ever before.

And in part, that scares you because it is laced with the excitement of actually knowing that what is about to unfold is so powerful, the rush of delivering it has you almost at the point of a full-bodied orgasm.

You are not scared because you don’t think you can do it.

You are scared in the sexiest of ways possible. It’s that pleasure-pain kind of scared and you know on the other side of all this are new comrades, new friends and a whole new level of seeing the world in which we live in.

You crave intimacy like an addict craves their drug of choice, and it isn’t the intimacy of the physicality.

It is the intimacy of mind, the intimacy of a soul-aligned group of humans ready to stand in their truth and do whatever it takes to deliver their message to the world in which you crave.

It is the force within you driving you forward, the pull towards an even brighter radiance of energy, the tonal and the nagual as written about by Carlos Castaneda in The Teachings of Don Juan.

That bright umbilical cord connecting you to all things, the one that resembles the lightning strike and leaves you breathless and wanting more, desiring more and feeling more.

Pulling you closer to the next realm of existence, electrifying your body with energy and power like no other, and you know it is time to surrender, to let go, and to say goodbye to everything and everyone dampening the storm raging within you.

Not everyone can handle the storm.

Not everyone is skilled enough, talented enough, or even has the capacity even to understand it.

So why waste your time there?

Those who have germinated the seeds of understanding are the ones who need you to lead them. These are the people you serve, along with those who have started to blossom and need the direction to get to where you are.

Resistance is futile, as Seven of Nine said in Star Trek, and to resist your soul purpose, which is calling you louder through the thoughts that wake you up each day, isn’t just a disservice to you; it is a disservice to humanity.

So Buckle up Baldrick, it’s game on time!

As you step into the next level of who you are born to be, who do you know are you here to lead? How are you going to lead them? If you were to write a book worthy of your life’s purpose, what would it be about, and who would it be for?

Share below, and let’s inspire a conversation.

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