The Time is Now to Invest in a Growing Industry and a Successful Future! With Dan Doré

Dan Doré owner of DORE Property Management

Our current state of living is one of uncertainty. However, one thing that is likely, is the rise in the real-estate market. Many have experienced layoffs in their career and are dealing with fear and doubt in regard to their future.

Dan Doré, owner of DORE Property Management, has been in real-estate since 1999 when he purchased his first rental property in Ottawa, Canada, and since this time has found this business to be in high demand and rewarding.

With the need for quality housing and reliable property management, exploring the rental properties industry is one that should be at the top of the list for investors looking for stable and growing investments. 

Dan Doré is a successful real-estate investor with over two decades of investing experience. As the founder of DORE Property Management, he has helped part-time and full-time investors manage their rental properties successfully. 

DORE Property Management Mission

The mission of DORE Property Management is to connect the right tenants with the appropriate rental properties while providing outstanding service and a pleasant experience. 

Over the years, the DORE Property Management Team has earned a distinct reputation among property owners and real-estate investors in Ottawa to be professional, responsive, and known to go above and beyond in all they do to service their clients in the most efficient way. 

Recognizing the tremendous financial opportunities that lie in being a property owner, Doré has realized that a huge opportunity awaits, for even more investors who are looking to add incremental income. Wanting to facilitate real-estate ownership for other like-minded investors, Doré has used his industry knowledge and 20+ years of experience to help these clients achieve financial gain. 

DORE Property Management’s Inventory

DORE Property Management’s inventory list of townhomes, apartments, and single-family homes has grown dramatically and prospective tenants are also rapidly increasing creating a demand for additional real-estate investors. 

As DORE Property Management continues to expand, Doré also started DORE Investments to bring together like-minded investors who want to passively invest in real estate yet still be represented by a top-notch management company.

Understanding the needs of both property owners/real-estate investors and those who are looking for rentals, they have established a business based on client trust and effective communication. 

Services DORE Property Management offers include:

  • Rental Property Assessment
  • Rental Property Photos
  • Advertising of Property on Dore Property Management website and additional websites
  • MLS Listing*
  • Installation of Professional “For Rent” Signage and Text Phone # on Signage for Immediate Information*
  • Rental Property Showings and Responding to Inquiries
  • Review of Rental Application
  • Employment & Income Verification, Reference & Credit Checks
  • Residential Lease Drafts; Facilitating Tenant & Owner Signatures
  • Collection of First and Last Month’s Rent Prior to Move-In; Coordinate Move-In Date
  • Video Recording of Property Prior to Move-In and Periodic Rental Property Check
  • Confirm Change of Utilities
  • Collection of Monthly Rent, Electronic Transfer to Owner’s Account, Maintain Accounting Record for Property and Communicate to Owner Monthly
  • Oversee Issues in Regard to Residential Tenancy Act
  • Manage Property Concerns with Tenants Relating to Property and/or Lease Obligations

Here’s what others have to say about the extreme pleasure it is to work with DORE Property Management:

By far the best Property Management company in all of Ontario. Professional, nice, thorough, on top of things and punctual. Everything you can think of that is great, and expected of a property management company, this is DORE. Leslie, Rose, Natalie have all been phenomenal. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else but DORE.” – Mr. Wright

We have been working with Dore since 2009 – first as renters at two properties, then as owners from 2016. Dore have consistently been proactive, responsive to our needs, and always reasonable when it comes to finding the best solutions. Highly recommended.” – Gavin Nardocchio-Jones

In addition to providing exceptional service to both tenants and property owners, DORE Property Management who was voted the #1 Property Management Company in 2018 and 2019, a public vote that is listed in Faces Magazine, will be participating in a local event on December 5th. 

This event with Robert Kiyosaki, aAmerican businessman, author and founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos, will be speaking about the “5 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Buying & Managing Rental Properties.” 

In an industry that is occasionally known to have challenges and frustrations, DORE Property Management has earned the high honor of being in a class by themselves. One where clients, including tenants, homeowners and real-estate investors are thoroughly satisfied in their choice of property managers.

*some conditions apply


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