The Trinity Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty Interviewed About their New Investment Advisory Division and Investment Club Launch

The Trinity Team Investment Advisory Division provides a boutique-style, highly customized service dedicated to maximizing value for commercial real estate investors. They help their clients build wealth and their bottom line using wise financial fundamentals. With investor-specific goals at the forefront, they provide the expertise to ease the process of engaging in all phases of commercial real estate to use it as a powerful wealth-building tool. The Investment Club is the educational and masterminding initiative, brought forth by the Investment Advisory Division, to gather commercial real estate investors and all industry experts together to learn, grow and build viable investment teams.

The creators and members of the Division and the Club shared, “We are excited about the recent launch of our new Investment Advisory Division and Investment Club. We like to think of our clients, colleagues, and vetted resources as partners in all phases of real estate investment acquisition, management, and in the process of making decisions about the sale of an asset. And we believe in the power of a collaborative approach because real estate investing is the ultimate team sport. Please plan to join us by attending the MONTHLY in-person training sessions with opportunities to network, build your investment IQ and meet industry experts and potential partners.”

The Trinity Team Investment Advisory Division is strategic, nimble, instinctive, and informed. Above all, they are committed to their clients in a way that defies traditional brokerage standards. As an added benefit, they have curated the best of the best vendors and resources to assist their clients in every phase of investment planning, property acquisition, and management from vetted resources including:

  • Lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Tax Strategists/CPAs
  • Cost Segregation Specialists
  • Property Inspectors
  • Environmental Testing Companies
  • Survey Companies
  • Space Designers/Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Property Management
  • 1031 Exchange Specialists

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Meet the Trinity Team Investment Advisory Division Members


Eric is an active investor dedicated to educating investing clients to establish and maintain a path to success in their efforts to build wealth through commercial real estate. With 25 years in the real estate industry, he provides an expansive experience base in property identification and advisement throughout every step of the analysis and property acquisition process.


Shelley is an active investor and focuses on the finer analytical details in the real estate investment process. She provides market, property and portfolio analysis, lender negotiation strategies, lease analysis, and investment performance tracking. Shelley is extremely motivated to help investors with valuable information to make informed decisions and has a passion for helping to make commercial real estate investing more accessible for anyone interested in learning.


Commercial Administrator – Hope provides property research & valuation, marketing and an array of administrative services. She is diligent at keeping track of deadlines and works alongside our dedicated transaction coordinator to aid clients in a smooth transaction. She also has extensive knowledge in Colorado Real Estate Contracts and Documents, eContracts and a host of commercial real estate technological tools including CoStar and LoopNet.






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