Trade Operational Pain Points for Increased Productivity, Confidence and Revenue Growth with Paul Moehring’s Get Squared Coaching Program.

Paul Moehring is a certified business growth coach, speaker and best-selling author with the knowledge, expertise and coaching abilities to bring incredible confidence and success to small business owners looking to take that next step. With nearly 30 years of coaching, Paul has become a true resource within the industry and has established a reputation for activating highly desirable results.

With a plan to make a real difference and the passion to bring it to fruition, S. Paul Moehring Coaching – Reaching New Heights was founded in January of 2020, and as a committed mentor Paul provides support every step of the way, from business plan development to advanced level coaching. His mission is to create strategies that enable clients to achieve their goals seamlessly. Even for those who are uncertain of which path to choose, or who have become stagnant within their career, Paul has the ability to establish a sense of clarity allowing these individuals to pinpoint their professional desires and move towards them with a well thought out plan.

It is for these individuals that the ‘Get Squared’ program, also the title of Paul’s best-selling book, was designed. This program guides industry professionals to implement systems and strategies that drive transformational growth, reduce operational pain points and propel them to the next level faster and more efficiently. It allows business owners to truly own their business rather than the business owning them.  The Get Squared coaching process helps clients become Goal Getters instead of simply goal setters and provides them with tools to create goals in multiple categories within their professional and personal lives so that they can enjoy a more balanced and productive state of being. 

Additionally, S. Paul Moehring Coaching – Reaching New Heights offers the following services and learning opportunities:

  • 1:1 Coaching – A remarkable program designed for clients wanting to take their business from the current state to the desired state. To accelerate these changes, the program involves customized 1:1 sessions that uncover needed systems and identify direction, goal-planning and areas of accountability. 
  • Group Sessions – A great alternative for clients seeking profound results but who would like to also gain the benefits of a group setting. These sessions are an effective way of addressing a variety of issues that often develop in businesses and allow business owners and entrepreneurs to share ideas, personal successes and effective strategies. Group sessions help build leadership skills, increase team functionality and encourage peer consultation and collaboration. 
  • Get Squared: Goal Getting with BalanceIn Paul’s debut book, readers will receive life-changing tips on how to perceive and pursue goals and learn about useful strategies on maintaining a well-balanced life and career. 

Paul has also been sought after as a keynote speaker to lead public workshops and corporate training events. In a short time, he has quickly become an inspirational leader who has discovered his purpose and the means to achieving it. Paul has realized that by simply changing one’s approach any challenge can be conquered and any goal can be accomplished. Scaling a business to reach maximum potential is where his strengths lie and he is ready to help clients reach new heights! 




Paul Moehring is a Business Coach, Best-Selling Author of Get Squared: Goal Getting with Balance, Speaker, and Sales Trainer. He lives in the Phoenix area. He has worked in sales, sales management, and business coaching for over 25 years and is passionate about helping people perform at their very best.

After growing up in the Midwest, Paul attended Moorhead State University and was a conference champion pole vaulter and qualified for nationals. After flying to LA for the National Championships and falling in love with the glorious west-coast weather, he knew that someday he would return to the Southwest.

Paul graduated with a Business Administration degree with concentrations in management and marketing. After graduation, he accepted a position in retail sales, as a management trainee, and learned that the ability to build relationships quickly is crucial in building success. Next, he transitioned into the insurance industry where he worked for 27 years. Paul received numerous awards during his insurance career, including multiple President’s Council honors and countless incentive trips. Knowing that he wanted to pursue a coaching career after being in insurance, he immersed himself in a coaching certification program in 2013 and began coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders. He also built processes into the training and support that he used for his district sales management.

In 2020, Paul began coaching full-time and started prioritizing his time in order to finish his book. The ‘Get Squared concept’ that he has used with his clients for years, has helped numerous people achieve success in their ‘Goal-Getting’ journey. 


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