Transformation Coach Gaby Puma, Creator Of AYNI Sponsorship, Helps Women Entrepreneurs Realize Their Full Potential

Transformation Coach, Author, Leader Gaby Puma is the #1 international bestselling author of the book ‘Women Who Lead.’ She shares her journey as an indigenous woman with a difficult childhood until 15 and her transformation and spiritual journey. Through this book, she wants women to know that a truly prosperous and joyful life is possible.

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Gaby has been helping women entrepreneurs and high-impact visionary leaders realize their full potential through the power of self-transformation. She offers a safe and intimate co-created space in the form of a 1:1 sacred container for 12 months. She recently opened nine new spaces for this experience.

“I firmly believe in the journey of self-transformation, and in my experience as a transformation coach, the best results are achieved when people connect with their spiritual self at a deeper level. In the book, Women Who Lead, that is the primary message that I have shared in my story, your complete transformation is possible, and anyone can create the life of their dreams through my self-transformation process.” Said Gaby Puma,    

In the book, she touches upon her travels worldwide, her career in tourism, and climbing the corporate ladder to the top by 21. The key highlight is how she transformed her entire life; from her health to her career to her relationship through the power of self-transformation.

“I always share my favorite quote with my clients – You are here now, allow, accept and experience your spiritual self; it is possible!” added Gaby. “I started this venture five years ago, and I believe my indigenous roots have made me realize the power of ancient spirituality, which is what I want to share with people.”

She is currently working on a book; I AM Powerful – A Guide to Grow your Business While Being the Best Version of YOU, and auditioning 12 co-authors to collaborate with for this book.

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