Unlocking the Wealth for Salon Owners Worldwide with Jennifer Louise

And most recently  Jennifer has launched the Successful Salon Club, an online global training academy created to guide salon owners worldwide to achieving the same type of tremendous success she has achieved all by utilizing the right marketing tools in the most efficient way.

If there’s one thing you should know about Jennifer it’s that she is a self-made, goal-driven marketing expert. She has built two very successful businesses; one in just 30 days utilizing Instagram tactics and strategies to grow her client list. She has coached salon owners from all over the world at Salon International, was featured in Hairdressers Journal, NHBF and is a resident coach for 365 Salon Education. 

But success wasn’t immediate for Jennifer. She had spent several years being trained on how to perform salon services, but not even 1 hour learning how to be a successful business owner. After nearly losing her salon business, due to poor business-making decisions, she decided to take time out to learn the proper ways of actually running a company. It was then that she understood how to perfect the backend part of a business, the financial and Team growth elements, which was step one. She then wondered, “Where are ALL of the clients and how do you consistently reach them in order to maintain an ongoing, profitable business?” 

“The key to client attraction is finding your Sue.” – Jennifer Louise

Early on, Jennifer realized that identifying the “Sue,” and speaking to her through marketing tactics, was the key to business growth within the salon industry. Being in the industry for years, Jennifer knew exactly who her customer was inside the salon, but concluded that diving into truly understanding who this person was outside of the salon was crucial for having a successful business too. Becoming nothing short of an obsession, which set her business mindset far above other traditional salon owners, she learned how to genuinely speak to, and connect with, customers through social media channels. Taking it one step further, Jennifer made it her mission to learn where “Sue” shopped, where she spent time with her husband/friends, what her home décor looked like and even how “Sue” liked her coffee. This incredible drive led Jennifers’s salon business to become a huge success, and a destination of sorts, for customers who now traveled long distances of over an hour and a half simply to become part of the unique salon experience that she had worked so hard to create. Jennifer’s salon Obsessions salon even won best salon of the year 2020 and best salon experience in Thanet 2020 too.

What makes Jennifer, and the Successful Salon Club, unique is that she is making serious noise in the industry! Not being timid, or secretive, about what allows the success to appear, she is voicing it for anyone, and everyone, to hear! Her passion lies in sharing the marketing strategies, that put her on top, and breaking them down so that salons anywhere in the world can understand how to use them for their benefit. And, so that they too can enjoy a thriving business. 

So, what was the moment Jennifer Louise knew she had really established herself as a true resource in the salon industry? A well-known company, with more than 40 years behind them, has sought out Jennifer to create a fresh, new marketing strategy for their company along with two more industry leading company’s that Jennifer has turned down, Why? They simply are not her Sue! Having realized that the key to constructing a marketing strategy is by building connections and friendships through social media channels by simply connecting with people heartbeat to heartbeat, managing their fears and expectations and doing that through every interaction was what she found the perfect formula to be. And, the rest, for this self-made business-marketing guru is history!!




Jennifer Louise, is a multi-award-winning public speaker, CEO of award winning salon Obsessions Salon, inspirational change leader and co-author of The Law of Brand Attraction, which has reached #1 in 6 countries including the UK and the USA.  Jennifer is the Founder of the Successful Salon Club, an online global training academy, created to lead salon owners worldwide to achieving success through custom marketing strategies that genuinely connect with new and current customers. Providing innovative marketing strategies, tools geared towards truly connecting with the customer and tactics for continuing to evolve in forward growth, Jennifer has established herself as a true industry leader.

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