Vanessa Moss Announces New Bestselling Book, Manifesting Queen 1111

Online businesswoman, Vanessa Moss, brought together a group of entrepreneurial women from all around the globe who managed to create their dream lives. This book reveals how they managed to command their visions into their current realities despite their challenges, fears and doubts. For over a decade, self-made millionaire Vanessa Moss has been helping female entrepreneurs to increase their income in a way that gives them freedom. This book is a celebration for all the amazing women who are powerful manifestors.    

Released on the 11th November 2021, the date holds a special place in Vanessa’s heart. She said, “At my darkest points, God has given me signs that I’m fully supported and those signs came as 1111 so as a celebration for all the amazing women who are powerful manifestors I wanted to launch this book on 1111.”

Mother of 6, Vanessa Moss, shares in the foreword of the book her battle with homelessness, bankruptcy and losing her 5-year-old son to cancer and then how she manifested a successful multi-million dollar online business, healed herself from being on the brink of disability and attracted her soul mate, Ben Ogden, into her life. The book consists of 21 chapters written by successful women entrepreneurs who overcame issues such as abusive relationships, critical health, debilitating shyness and grief to become strong, powerful women who were able to create the lives they once dreamed of, with an abundance of wealth, health and amazing relationships. Women who used their past experiences to help others by becoming coaches, healers, consultants and specialists.

Previous bestselling books by Vanessa Moss, include She Made It Happen and Manifesting Queen, which was the first in this powerful series of collaborative books.

Featured in this book are:

Monique Wells  

Rebekah Welch Moorehead  

Louise Bond  

Jacqueline Kane  

Sandra Blake  

Kara Michelle  

Karen Gray  

Karishma Gautam  

Linda Rosenberg  

Martine Werkhoven  

Vibeke Seymour 

Louise Hundal  

Anastasia Gerali  

Andrea Somerville  

Bernadette Pannier  

Danielle Iarussi  

Dina Shaw  

Tina Wyatt  

Heather Shannon  

Judy Benedict  

Natasha Britton 

Manifesting Queen 1111 is available here:

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