Vileda Professional® Announces the Introduction of the 2020 Return-To-Work Safely Initiative

As federal, state, and local governments are starting to unveil their return-to-work plans, employers are anxious to resume operations safely and get employees back to the workplace.

Vileda Professional® has launched its Return–To-Work Safely program, a cleaning and disinfecting initiative for three distinct markets; Controlled Environments, Controlled Non-Classified areas, and for general offices and common areas. As the CDC is now recommending a cleaning and disinfecting process which eliminates surface contamination, educating businesses on how to effectively clean and disinfect is a target for Vileda Professional®.

According to Blake Ashley, Area Sales Manager for Vileda Professional, educating businesses on how to clean following the CDC recommendations and guidelines effectively are a top priority in this “next normal” phase. “We not only manufacture the products needed to establish and maintain a safe working space, we’re here to help and educate too,” said Ashley.

Educating businesses on how to clean and disinfect with the proper tools and cleaning solutions is only the beginning. Knowing which surfaces and devices need to be cleaned and disinfected, when to clean for maximum safety and protection, as well as how to clean effectively and efficiently in regards to both time and cost, is critical.

As stated on, the EPA has been working to ensure that American families, communities, businesses, hospitals, and others are aware of and have access to effective surface disinfectant products to use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Vileda Professional®promotes products in the Return-to-Work initiative that are in line with recommendations from the EPA, for example, the MicroOne®disposable microfiber wipes which are independently proven to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Attention should be given to all high touch surfaces like computers, equipment, cell phones, tables, and chairs. To ensure contact with the entire surface, wiping should include a pull and lift method with overlapping strokes. Floors should be mopped with a modified figure 8 technique,” Nick Drust, Area Sales Manager for Vileda Professional, shared with incredible enthusiasm and confidence. 

The Vileda Professional®‘s Return-to-Work team has created white paper support documents for the Controlled Environments, Controlled Non-Classified areas, as well as for general offices and common areas.

The Return-to-Work support documents go into great detail on what surfaces and devices need to be cleaned, such as horizontal, vertical, uneven surfaces, and high touch devices. Detailed images on which cleaning and disinfecting tools to use and complete instructions on how to clean and disinfect properly to maximize safety for employees are all part of the Return–to–Work support documents. Vileda Professional® is proud to provide another effective educational campaign to the marketplace with its latest proven cleaning and disinfection technology and techniques.

“Vileda Professional has developed this Return-To-Work Program to be easy to implement. Our highly trained team of contamination control specialists will walk through the implementation and training program with the customer in person or remotely. In addition, the customer can be sure they are using a system made specifically for cleaning and disinfecting their surfaces. Vileda Professional systems are fully tested with the most common disinfectants and have proven cleaning and removal performance. We have now successfully implemented Vileda systems for cleaning and disinfecting critical surfaces in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, schools, and front offices,” asserted Thomas Caruso, Commercial Director CE Americas.

To access the Vileda Professional® support white paper documents, please email

About Vileda Professional®

Vileda Professional®, a brand of Freudenberg®, develops and manufactures leading-edge cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, such as Healthcare, Controlled Environment, General Building Cleaning, and HoReCa.

With over 60 years in the business, they know what needs professional users in different environments have, and offer solutions that help them to clean faster, more effectively, and at lower total costs. Based on sustainability principles, innovation in cleaning has always been the main focus in the daily work of Vileda Professional®.

Specific to Controlled Environments, Vileda Professional® offers a dedicated range of products that were developed to comply with existing GMP/ISO regulations. Vileda Professional® is a member of the IEST – Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology.

With sales offices in all major European countries, in North America and Asia – and with a wide net of representatives – they are well located around the world. Their North America division is located in Aurora, Illinois.

Visit or call (630) 270-1437 for more information.

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