Wealth Transformation Expert Barbara Wallick Reveals How Women Can Unlock Their True Earning Potential On Influencers Radio

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize,  Wealth Transformation Expert Barbara Wallick discussed how she helps women around the world face their relationships with Money and Success.

As a Certified Master NLP Coach and Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Industry working as a Personal Financial Planner,  Barbara helps her clients overcome the limiting beliefs and other obstacles that create what she calls deep-rooted Money Blocks.

During the interview, Barbara explained how the fears and self-doubt embedded from the past can cause someone to self-sabotage their success saying, “A Money Block is a negative unconscious belief around money or around yourself that limits you from achieving your desires in life, whether that is retiring early, expanding a business, or paying off debt.  You may have taken information, typically from things that happened in your childhood, and settled it into your unconscious mind as you aren’t good enough, or you’re stupid, or you’re not good with money or that making money is hard. And over time, we forget that we’ve taken that in, yet it plays a huge role in our ‘now’ and in our future success.”

Wallick also discussed how she helps her clients overcome the limiting beliefs that cause Money Blocks by assisting them in going deep into the unconscious mind to clear the self-doubt and fear, allowing them to realize their full potential and design a road map for reaching their financial goals.

Barbara concluded the interview by inviting listeners to visit her website at https://www.barbwallick.com/ where they can book a 30-minute consultation or access her free mini-course, “Revive Your Financial Plan in 2021”.

To listen to the full interview visit: https://Influencersradio.com/barbara-wallick

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