Weight-Training Expert Steve Cardillo Reaches the Top of Best-seller Lists with “How a Champion is Made”

How a Champion is Made was originally launched in 2011 and relaunched on May 17, 2020. It became a number-one best-seller in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  The book was a sales leader in categories including “Sports Training,” “Teen Health,” “Sports Equipment & Supplies,” “Weight Training,” “Nutrition, Vitamins & Supplements,” “Aerobic Exercise,” and more.

“I’m very honored and humbled by the book’s success,” said Steve Cardillo, CEO, and owner of Cardillo Weightbelts.  “Teenagers’ training is vital for their development, not only physically but mentally as well, and I’m glad the book has been so well received.” 

Cardillo has been involved in fitness since he was a young boy.  Before creating Cardillo Weight Belts, he was a junior high school physical education teacher.  He has always been involved in educating people about the proper ways to train and achieve the best results from working out. This includes training, diet, and all-around well-being.

Cardillo’s book chronicles the weight-training regimen he used with his nephew, Peter Morel, and it’s geared to getting teenage boys on the right path as young adults.  The author states, “I wrote this book for all parents who want to instill in their sons the determination, leadership skills, and confidence to succeed through weight training and nutrition.  I describe and demonstrate what every young boy can do to get the most out of his workout routine while maintaining a safe training environment.  The book also considers the negative impact on the body and mind of steroid use.”

The relaunch of How a Champion is Made is particularly relevant during these times when children don’t get sufficient exercise, and childhood obesity is rampant.

One reader gave this review of the book: “I wish I’d had this book as a youth growing up in Canada playing hockey.  It’s innovative, insightful, and inspiring.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Cardillo has taken part in extensive research and development of training techniques and nutritional programs for powerlifters, world-class boxers, and other strength-related athletes.  He designed, modeled, and distributed his own line of sports and casual wear—specifically developed for athletic builds—and designed and manufactured the Reebok Instapump Weightlifting Belt in 1992 for Reebok International.  Cardillo won the 1986 National Drug-Free Power Lifting Championship.

How a Champion is Made is available at amazon.com.

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