William Michael Forbes Announces New Show Shortcuts for SOUL

Times are tough at the moment. The coronavirus crisis has created an environment of fear across the world, and the measures aimed at preventing the disease’s spread have placed whole countries under lockdown. But intuitive life coach and spiritual medium William Michael Forbes is here to help us gain some clarity in the midst of all the chaos.

His new YouTube series, called Shortcuts for your SOUL, is all about using this time to recognize the impact that fear has on our lives and learn how to release it. There will be a new video every weekday, in which he will cover a vast range of topics. From videos that touch on physical and emotional wellbeing to ones that help viewers learn to live in the moment, this new series acts as a much-needed beacon of light in an otherwise dark time.

The show is intentionally off the cuff, as William allows himself to be guided in the moment towards the teachings that will offer the most relief to his viewers. There is also a Q&A segment in each episode, which he uses as an opportunity to relay messages to his audience from their guides, angels and loved ones.

William has recognized a need for guidance at this time. He saw that humanity was moving towards a deeper understanding of what life means, and knew that it was important to help channel people’s awareness away from fear and into something constructive. This period can be used to widen our perspectives and liberate our minds, and William is here to explain how.

You can watch Shortcuts for your SOUL every weekday at 10:00am EST, at https://www.youtube.com/williammichaelforbes.

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