World-Class Media Influencers Share Their Secrets for Positivity and Words of Wisdom Through a Challenging 2020.

Mark Stephen Pooler, a fun-loving and focused PR expert works with high-profile, high-value individuals and enables them to be seen, heard and get noticed through worldwide digital media, which has led them to becoming known globally. Pooler’s philosophy is, despite the challenges that our new normal allows due to limited social interaction, media will always be a medium for individuals to shine. Additionally, it will remain a definitive route for establishing business growth for businesses and clients in 2021. Pooler has compiled incredible words of wisdom from 8 world-class media influencers, who have remained resilient through difficult times of their own, and here’s what they had to say.

Dawn Bates, international best-selling author, author coach and strategist, publisher and leadership coach is an expert in helping others ignite passions within and shifting them from fear and self-doubt to living a life where they are able to live a life of purpose. Bates encourages others to wake up each morning with the mentality of “always create before you consume,” meaning for individuals to tap into their own conscious unconscious creation rather than allowing emails, social media or other external outlets to shape your thoughts.

To Annie Koshy, author, coach and media personality wealth isn’t just about individual net worth. True, meaningful wealth includes happiness, purpose, inner peace, fulfillment, health and solid relationships and career. Utilizing decades of business relationship building and networking, Koshy developed effective strategies for making positive life-shifts, after recognizing that major change in life, whether unexpected or anticipated, can be difficult. Fascinated by learning, Koshy decided to write How to Be Your Badass Self: A Guide to Using Your Inner Energy for Brand Success, which provides steps for adjusting mindset and focus, on building your brand, and growing your busines. She reminds us that the only way to change actions is to change thoughts and to plan actions based on positive thinking, the ultimate in powerful resources!

For visionary, Jenni Parker Brown, founder of House of Preeminence Magazine and creator of The Trinity Code™ Quest, her work has been based on neuroscience, quantum physics and a passion for well-being. Brown believes that the power to obtaining the magic of life is held in our own hands. According to Brown, life and our results reflect our point of focus, not our wish list.

Dr. Joseph M. Chalil, MD, MBA, global healthcare executive and Author of Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare shares that while our healthcare leaders are scrambling to find a suitable vaccine, which could take years to distribute and get the economy back to a healthy state, the most important thing individuals can do, is to never stop learning.

Keith Leon S., CEO of Leon Smith Publishing and multi-award-winning, best-selling author has worked with other well-known mentors for decades. Leon’s key takeaway is to seek the guidance of mentors in life and to embrace the wisdom they have to share.

Founder of Breakfree Forever Consultancy Ltd, co-founder of Your Book & Beyond, business accelerator coach and best-selling Author, Michelle Watson, serves entrepreneurs wanting to make an impact in the world. Watson’s words of wisdom include realizing that life is filled with challenges, but reflecting too intently on the past will not change things. Instead she advises people to confidently decide what will be written in the next chapter of their life’s story.

Ravinder (Ravi) Pal Singh, engineer, multi-award-winning Technologist, Global Speaker and Investor is also an avid inventor holding over 18 technology patents. Over the last decade as an angel investor, Singh has mentored and managed over 60 successes and failures with a net portfolio of 22 times ROI across India, USA, Singapore, Scotland, Mexico, and Africa. Highly skilled Singh shares, that in a world where loud speeches are simply for the enjoyment of the individual seeking knowledge, but “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” 

Sheena Walker, B A Director of Performance, Creator of Business Mastery & Professional Speaking Academy and global trainer has been recognized as offering mastery with a difference, in performance, innovation and staying relevant to the future with a unique formula for using business and sport methodology, designed to provide businesses “The Olympic Winning Edge.” Walker’s words of wisdom, for those seeking success in business, is simply. In today’s world, we’re seeing a handful of speakers with no formula or structure. Walker insists that it is key to transform information into powerful, compelling content to literally ensure the audience is hanging on every word. As a sports coach informed Walker, years back, which always remained a guiding inspiration “Successful people have successful habits.”

As one of Pooler’s main missions, he encourages individuals to share the words of wisdom from each of these inspiring leaders and work to make positive change in the world. If we believe that anything is possible, believe in ourselves and live in the daily expectation that our dreams can be ours, anything is possible!





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