A Mindset Reset and Transformational Journey with Jeannetta Collier

A Mindset Reset and Transformational Journey with Jeannetta Collier

“POSITIVE: The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Winston Churchill

Twenty-two years ago, when Jeannetta Collier was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and told she had only 6 months to live was life-changing.

But not in a way most might think. 

It was true that she had all that she’d ever dreamed of having: a loving and strong family bond, long-time friends, dream home, her dream job, and all the things her heart desires. 

The life that Collier had worked so hard to build, at that moment, could have become one that she was no longer in charge of.

But as a woman who understood the power of mindset, she realized that she still could be the master of her own destiny and did not have to let fear take over as the guiding force.

With the world around us rapidly changing and bringing with it many uncertainties, it is common for individuals to let doubt, fear, and negativity into their thoughts.

However, as Collier teaches, it is crucial to not allow these thoughts to live there. It is challenging enough to juggle family, career, relationships along with mental and physical well-being.

This leaves many feeling unfulfilled and a perception of being stuck. Because of this, mentors, coaches, therapists alike are in high demand now more than ever.

With so many self-proclaimed coaches in existence, it’s also very easy for individuals seeking guidance to become overwhelmed in choosing the right one. But Jeannetta Collier has something that is different from other coaches. 

Jeannetta Collier. a believer of positive mindset who puts it into practice regularly, an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience, featured twice as One of the Most Notable People in North Texas and numerous magazines, and who has facilitated numerous start-ups, is the founder of Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC, CEO of Nu’Blac’ Investments LLC, as well as CEO and Founder of Jeannetta Collier Enterprises Inc. 

She is a mindset transformational life coach and business strategist, certified NLP master coach, international speaker, entrepreneur, investment strategist in real-estate and market trading, philanthropist, published author, community advocate, creative and executive producer, and radio personality of The Best YOU 365.

Her authentic nature and relatable persona allow her to truly connect with her audiences when sharing her extraordinary story of triumph over single motherhood and having been diagnosed with a deadly disease, but still managing to obtain a life of success and fulfillment.

Collier is active in her community serving on numerous boards, commissions, and non-profit organizations, and uses her knowledge of human development, creative business, and leadership development to inspire personal empowerment and the maximization of any and all opportunities given to obtain peak performance in life.

As founder of the Imaginary Glass Ceiling, an organization formed to help women realize their presence on earth is made up of more than the space they occupy, Collier explains that many individuals are walking through life living someone else’s dreams with recurring thoughts of, “you’re not being realistic” or “you can’t do that.” 

As an expert in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, Collier has a significant advantage over other coaches in that she is able to focus on understanding how people think and can then formulate a plan on how to help them push past these intimidating barriers and limiting beliefs.

As she has learned from the creators of NLP, who believe there is a direct connection between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns and that these can be changed to accomplish certain goals in life, Collier understands that with neuro-linguistic programming methodology one can mimic the skills of high-achievers, therefore acquiring those skills.

Collier’s teachings utilize this philosophy which allows her to tap into how people think and devise strategies for moving past overwhelming scenarios, ultimately enabling clients to feel confident and know that they can do what they initially thought was impossible.

Through Collier’s many programs and workshops, she helps individuals accept their uniqueness and embrace the gifts that lie within that uniqueness. She provides the tools to make dreams a reality and a roadmap for being the best YOU.

Her recent book, which conveys the strength of her faith, The Best You: a 365 Day Motivation Journey, is a guided journal that presents the reader with daily motivational and inspirational thoughts that are designed to start each day with momentum, confidence, clarity, and a healthy self-image.

It educates the reader on the power found in words and the importance of sowing seeds of gratitude. 

Transformative Workshops, Courses, and Programs offered by Jeannetta Collier include:

  • Breaking Up with Your 9 – 5:  A step-by-step guide to starting a business while you work a 9 to 5 job that will allow you to make enough money to eventually leave your job.

  • The New Business Incubator:  A membership for new entrepreneurs who would like more stability, support, and information to grow a successful business.  Inside are tips for sales, marketing, management, taxes, organization, legal and more.

  • The Best You: Inside you will learn manifesting, mindset & leadership.  The course is what takes entrepreneurs from inconsistent, tired, and stressed to successful, fulfilled, and happy.
  • 1-on-1 Private Coaching Direct Accountability:  Collier is there to motivate, provide guidance and keep you accountable.

  • Custom Business Strategy Plan: A custom step-by-step comprehensive plan for achieving success is created.

Difficult times exist for everyone. What defines us is how we embrace the moment, handle them and appreciate the situation for what it offers us. As Jeannetta Collier leads clients by the hand, they will soon be able to adjust their mindset and find value in the gifts that challenges deliver

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