ACC Roofing, A Top Roofing Contractor In Afton OK, Introduces The “No Roof Left Behind” Initiative To Help Grand Lake Homeowners Affected By Hail Damage This Year.

Chris Munson, owner of ACC Roofing, is a fully licensed commercial drone pilot and resides in Afton near the shores of Grand Lake. He’s out to help his neighbors deal with the aftermath of another violent storm season that has pounded Grand Lake homes.

According to Munson, there’s an epidemic of hidden damage and lost property value in this area from recent storms. Hail damage is rarely detectable from the ground. When there’s no visible ceiling damage in their house, people assume that they have no leaks when they may actually have a growing and unseen attic mold or moisture problem!

“They suspect having issues but don’t know where to begin, so they take no action. By the time they realize it or when they try to sell their home, it is too late to file the hail damage claim.” says Munson.

ACC’s ‘No Roof Left Behind’ initiative serves the local community with a simplified damage assessment process and a 100% FREE and truly no-obligation, no-pressure expert 15-point inspection. The goal of the program is to make roof inspections, roof repairs, and roof replacements in Afton so simple and hassle free with no sales pressure, that every homeowner will be comfortable taking the basic action of getting their roof assessed.

Using the latest in drone and thermal imaging technology, ACC’s roofing experts can assess hail and wind damage quickly and safely with 99% accuracy! Multiple pictures are taken of the customer’s roof from many perspectives. Artificial intelligence software reveals damage to roofing components, while thermal imaging detects wet insulation, heating, or cooling losses from roof leaks.

There’s no guesswork and owners are immediately provided with easy to understand photos, a damage report, and all their questions addressed. All at no cost and no obligation. If ACC Roofing is chosen to do the repairs, they will initiate a claim, work with the homeowner’s insurance provider, and get the repair process for their roof started quickly.

The ‘No Roof Left Behind’ program was created to provide the highest quality roof inspections and most cost-effective roof repairs available. When repairs are justified, on average, ACC installs up to $2000 worth of free upgrades including synthetic felt and architectural shingles that are much thicker than builder grade shingles and that come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

All ACC roofs are installed with ice and water shield in the valleys and around all penetrations so your roof will never leak. ACC’s quality approach is designed to add value to your property, protect your most important investment, and add value to the entire neighborhood.

As one of the top roofers in Afton, Munson knows that this advanced technology, combined with 20+ years of hands on roofing experience, can eliminate errors, prevent roofing scams, and provide peace of mind. Especially for those that have two story homes or steep roofs that are difficult and unsafe to walk on.

Munson also says “Climbing on a roof is dangerous and people have no easy way to know if their roof has damage. They’re vulnerable to incomplete and inaccurate inspections and frivolous claims. ‘No Roof Left Behind’ offers something completely unique, simple, safe, and reliable. ACC wants to make a positive change in the industry.”

When a homeowner experiences or suspects roof damage from hail, wind, or fallen trees, a quick call or visit to ACC’s roofers in Afton is all that is needed for a truly no-obligation 100% Free drone inspection.

ACC Roofing is an award winning 5 STAR roofing company, has never had a BBB complaint, and is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Afton and the Grand Lake area.

“Chris and his team were great. They came out and inspected my roof in a timely manner. They used a drone to assess the hail damage to my roof. They even showed me pictures so I could see exactly the extent of the damage. I was really impressed with the professionalism they showed and will used them in the future. Thanks Chris!” says local homeowner Shannon S.

“After the hailstorm we had several roofers knocking on our door, but I choose to go with ACC because they were offering something no one else was. The drone inspection let me see what the actual damage was and if I needed to file a claim or not. It also saved me from having to get on my roof which is two story and really steep. I will choose ACC for all my future roofing needs” adds new customer Daniel M.

To learn more about ACC’s residential, commercial, and metal roofing services and the ‘No Roof Left Behind’ program please contact us at (918) 910-7663 or visit us online at

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