Achieve Success Without All of the Struggles. Learn from Expert Fiona Drake the Simpler Way to Up-Level your Business, Life, Health, Wealth and Happiness

Achieve Success Without All of the Struggles. Learn from Expert Fiona Drake the Simpler Way to Up-Level your Business, Life, Health, Wealth and Happiness

For some women, they can fall into the trap of putting in endless hours and sacrificing personal fulfillment in the pursuit of accomplishing their career goals. This approach can result in a detrimental impact on health, wellness, and balance. 

Fiona Drake was one of those women. Fiona was a successful Sales and Marketing Director and dedicated countless hours to her professional life. She made her mark in business and achieved her dream career. However, it soon became evident that despite her success and achievements in her leadership role, her happiness and her health became the trade-off. 

Fiona Drake Front CoverFortunately for Drake, in an epiphany, she realized that she had to take personal responsibility for her actions, and how she was showing up, and become really mindful of what she was creating in her life.

Through her personal development journey, she began to make powerful changes that would ultimately allow her to trade in her stress and lethargy for a more well-balanced life filled with family, friends, and well-being. After transforming her life to one of ease, joy, and flow, Drake set out to share her wisdom with others. 

Fiona Drake is a mindset and business coach, international speaker, certified spiritual coach, and subconscious reprogramming coach, certified law of attraction coach, Heal your Life® Teacher in the philosophies of Louise Hay, mindfulness and meditation coach, and mindful well-being coach. She is a cheerleader for female business owners and entrepreneurs and thrives on guiding women in leadership to take their lives to the next level.

Driven by her professional, but personal, warm, honest approach, Drake encourages women leaders to re-connect with themselves, realise their true creative potential, and step up to take ownership of their success, in all areas of their lives including business, personal, relational, health, wealth, romance and passions! 

Drake’s mission is to inspire women, regardless of their age or background, and show them they have the power to live the lives they desire. Believing that this all starts with a change in mindset, Drake has created several programs in which she shares tools and techniques for women to create, and master, the lives they are looking to live.

Drawing from a wide array of methods, that she is fully qualified in, Drake offers a unique blend of training mixing spirituality with business to provide the perfect option for professional women who are looking to tap into their spirituality as a part of their growth.

Fiona works with powerful processes that enable clients to release limiting beliefs that exist in their subconscious. These thoughts and beliefs can stand in the way of reaching personal and financial freedoms. These effective techniques are used in Drake’s Game Changer 1:1 Coaching Program and allow clients to connect to their personal power to provide more of an impact in their lives.

This 12-week comprehensive bespoke program uses various methods to create transformation so that individuals may start living their best lives. This 1:1 high-level bespoke coaching is customized for each individual and designed to deliver results with the needs and desires of the client in mind. 

Here’s what others have to say about the results they found in Fiona Drake’s coaching:

I am now laser-focused, my self-confidence and belief in myself and my abilities are off the chart! I launched a new project within 6 weeks. I attracted a sponsor for the project in the first week of launch.” – FM, Entrepreneur

Before I met Fiona, I was drowning in work, felt guilty all the time, and was putting others before me. Fiona has woken me up completely; she has allowed me to take a helicopter view of my life and I have the strength to say no to things that do not serve me. I have a renewed sense of purpose and I am feeling a deeper sense of connection to those close to me.” – KP, Business Owner

Fiona Drake’s ultimate goal is to inspire women business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to regain confidence and claim the life they deeply desire. Believing that success comes with a price tag of having poor health and little joy in life has no place in today’s world.

Through the guidance of Fiona Drake, women everywhere will be able to fully own their story, realize their personal power, embrace that it is one of the most powerful decisions they will ever make, and use it to take monumental leaps in their personal and professional lives!

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