Andréa Albright – Avoid The #1 Mistake Authors Make

Andréa Albright, CEO and Publisher at Beverly Hills Publishing

Statistically speaking, more people want to be an author than a rock star. What is it about becoming an author that means so much in our society?

When you become an author, you are held at a higher level of respect. Some would argue that becoming an author is more valuable than investing in a college education, which contains little value anymore.

When you become an author, you have proven that you are different than others who only dream but never follow through. You have taken action.

You have moved through the self-limiting beliefs that hold so many back from sharing their ideas, such as:

  • “I’m not good enough,”
  • “I will sound stupid”
  • “No one will listen to me.”

These are some of the sabotaging beliefs that stop people from following through with their dream of becoming an author.

The day you become the author is the moment your life changes forever.

People treat you differently.

Suddenly, people want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

They silently listen while you explain what your book is about, for they know that the ideas you are sharing are cultivated, curated and enhanced before you ever published them. It is the act of publishing your words which makes your thoughts noteworthy and outstanding.

When you decide that you are ready to leap into the level of respect that authors hold on this planet, you proclaim to yourself and the universe, “My ideas are worth something.” When you know people are going to read your ideas, it brings forth greatness in you.

Being an author is entirely different than being a writer.

Many writers are broke.

They are artists who do not understand the value of packaging and presenting their thoughts in a high-value way — this is the art and science of publishing.

When you publish your words, you go from just a writer or blogger to an author. And with that one, single step, everything has transformed.

The day that you are published is the day that you are seen as an authority. That is where the word author comes from — Author-ity

Why does an authority have significance, power, and prestige?

When you are an authority, you can triple your rates and double your time off. You are able to have a more powerful effect on others with the same amount of effort.

When you are an authority, you are stepping up as a leader. Leaders are recognized in our society as having power, influence, and celebrity.

It is no wonder why more books are being written every year because being an author brings you credibility, influence and power to your business, your brand and your career.

Unfortunately, most books do not make an impact in their market because most authors make this disastrous mistake — they start their book at the beginning.

As a publisher at Beverly Hills Publishing, I am pitched book ideas daily. I meet many people who want to be authors. Many of them have already started their books and some have even come up with a name.

They approach me saying, “Here’s how the book starts,” or, “Here’s the name of the book.” Immediately, I knew that this book is going to need a radical facelift if it’s ever going to be a success.

You see, if you start from the beginning, you are starting from your own perspective, and those books are destined to fail. There are not many publishers who will tell you this, because they do not even know!

Most outdated, old fashioned publishers are focused on getting the book done, and they see it like buying a lottery ticket of whether the book will be a success or not.

I have a completely different, systematic approach. I break everything down to cause and effect and, most importantly, measurable components.

Instead of writing the book THEN trying to market it, I do exactly the opposite. I do all the marketing FIRST.

I discovered that when you start with the marketing, then your chance of the book selling is guaranteed. When you analyze the market, find their most significant pain, and then give them an ah-ha awakening, they will want to buy your book and follow you forever.

When you start at the beginning, you miss the point. Your audience will never be hooked, and your book will never sell.

You want to write from the perspective of your audience, for they are the ones who are going to be reading and ultimately purchasing your book. This is a business, right?

Doing the marketing first is the key to publishing books that make an impact and becoming a successful author verses a statistic author who spends years writing their book only to have less than extraordinary sales.

When you use the systematic approach of marketing first and then publishing — this is what guarantees your market is hungry, eager and ready to buy your book because it answers the solution to their problem.

Andréa Albright is the CEO and Publisher at Beverly Hills Publishing, a 7-Star Publishing and Marketing Firm for thought leaders who are ready to share their legacy and create a movement with their book

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