Barks & Berries Creator Jason Gardner Creates First Fresh Organic Dog Food That Exceeds Dog Nutrition Requirements

Jason Gardner, the creator of Barks & Berries, a fresh, organic dog food, is featured in the International Best-Selling book Expert Profiles: Conversations with Innovators and Influencers.

He is recognized for his contribution to the dog food industry with his unique dog food and treats that provide and exceed all dog nutrition requirements utilizing only 100% whole food ingredients.

Barks & Berries is one of the first fresh organic dog food companies in the United States. It is the only company that uses 100% whole food organic ingredients to provide and exceed the dietary nutrient requirements for dogs. Barks & Berries dog food uses no supplements, fillers, binding agents, or chemically processed ingredients, which significantly impacts disease prevention and lifespan naturally.

Gardner first became interested in learning more about dog food after his dog “Dobbie” kept getting sick, and vets couldn’t find the problem. Once he learned about food additives and lack of full nutrition in some common dog foods, he set out to develop a recipe that would meet all of Dobbie’s needs. He was able to heal Dobbie’s long-standing health issues with the changes in diet alone.

“It was like a miracle,” Gardner said. “Vet after vet would find an issue and recommend a different prescription food or a course of treatment drugs, even recommending putting her to sleep, but Dobbie was still getting sick,” he said.

“Once I healed Dobbie with my fresh, organic dog food formula that met all her nutrition needs,” Gardner said. “I wanted to educate people and share her life-changing food. That is how Barks & Berries was born!”

Gardner is dedicated to helping all dogs get the nutrition they need, even shelter dogs. His business has a special program that helps feed shelter dogs with every dog food purchase.

Gardner shared his story in Expert Profiles, recently named a No. 1 Amazon bestseller and a No. 1 Hot New Release in the categories: service industry and business consulting.

About Jason Gardner and Barks & Berries

Jason Gardner started Barks & Berries in 2016. After feeding the Barks & Berries formula to his own dogs for almost six years, he has seen a vast improvement in their health, especially Dobbie, who, as she grew older, started displaying some serious health issues — ones too early for her age. Dobbie suffered from liver problems and random infections that could never be traced to any one cause. Months were spent going from vet to vet with the hopes of discovering a cause and then finding a solution. Each veterinary visit meant new hope and came with new tests, but soon after yielded the same results. There was no diagnosable problem but always a suggestion to alter Dobbie’s diet. Something in each brand’s ingredients stood out. Sugars and starches and additives were well hidden, but they were there.

With an extensive background in human nutrition, endocrinology, and human physiology, Jason could see something wasn’t adding up. Jason’s research identified essential and beneficial ingredients for a dog’s diet, and he eliminated unnecessary ingredients. It resulted in the creation of the innovative dog food that saved his dog, Dobbie’s life.

The quest began. After months of research, endless consultations with leading veterinary nutritionists and veterinarians, and the careful study of existing dog food ingredients and how they impact canine physiology, Jason developed the Barks & Berries dog nutrition formula.

With research and perseverance, Jason crafted an exclusive list of ingredients that include the nutrients that Dobbie desperately needed from whole food sources. Jason developed the food, so there are no chemically refined or processed supplements included while eliminating non-essentials or toxic ones. The result is a blend of thoroughly studied, wholesome ingredients with meticulously researched proportions to satisfy the biological needs of dogs while satisfying even the most discerning palates. It’s not dog food. It is better than that; it is dog nutrition!

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