BV Buster Introducing Game-Changing Air Disinfection and Sanitization Systems to Save Lives, Save Businesses and Prevent Infection.

As many are aware, air is full of bacteria, virus, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Airborne bacteria and contagious viruses such as Covid-19 can lead to all types of infections such as influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia and chickenpox. VOCs, which are essentially harmful chemicals, can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea and even harm vital organs including the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. What many do not always consider adequately enough is that these infectious and dangerous substances may also damage people’s lives, the profitability of their business and worse can spread to harm others and their livelihoods. Additionally, many are not aware that basic air-conditioning systems may spread the Covid-19 virus.

BV Air Sanitisation Limited is an organization founded to help get UK PLC up and running by reducing the infection rate of Covid-19 through their BVBuster product range. The BVBuster product range protects people via a unique filterless technology that eliminates airborne viruses from the air. 

This protection is available for homes, offices, businesses, pharmaceuticals, and taxis. Several industries that have already benefited from the BV Air sanitization systems include nursing homes where many individuals have low immunity, and the health and dental practices where small spaces need to be thoroughly disinfected after each patient’s visit. 

The company was formed with a mission of saving lives, saving businesses and preventing further infection. Founders, Chris Kwok, Aslam Cheval and Ben Chai are entrepreneurs, business owners in the technology and housing industry field and have more than 30 years of experience providing quality homes for students and professionals. 

The worldwide patented BV Buster air disinfection and sanitization systems were developed by an English scientist. The systems are based on  Plascide technology that uses a unique, active air sanitizing reactor to sustain plasma. Plasma generating technology is more commonly associated with the space industry as a revolutionary method to propel space flight for deep space travel and is currently employed on a few robotic space probes. Plascide harnesses this capability to create an innovative and compact technology for indoor air disinfection.

These BVBusters systems recently won the Geneva Innovation award in 2019, and have a variety of certifications including the FDA IIE guidance for Covid-19 Emergency. Here’s how they work! Within the micro-lightning generator:

  • An intense ionized gas field is generated at room temperature.
  • The ions are propelled into an energetic state.
  • The ionised electrons shatter the biological pathogens, COVID-19 for example, plus other harmful substances including VOCs, such as formaldehyde.

A case study performed in the 1,400 square meter building, used by the Sin Tin Toa Home for The Aged in Hong Kong revealed some interesting results. As a result of the BVBuster units being installed,  over a period of 2 years, the infection rate during peak influenza season was reduced by 60% and no additional quarantine measures were needed during the flu season.

Recognizing that not every building is the same, BV Buster provides customized systems to help deal with more complex building structures that will help reduce virus and VOC spread through internal systems such as central air-conditioning units. As the world now searches for normalcy, BV Buster systems provide another way to once again get there!



BV Air Sanitisation Limited was founded to help get UK PLC up and running by reducing the infection rate of COVID-19 by the provision of airborne virus protection to offices, transport, and homes. Leading the charge is Chris Kwok, Aslam Cheval and Ben Chai, entrepreneurs and business owners, in the technology and housing industries, with 30+ years of experience providing quality homes for students and professionals. BV Buster systems disinfect air from viruses such as Covid-19, bacteria, and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, and use a technology called Plascide. This technology does not use filters and is environmentally friendly, therefore has very low maintenance in comparison to any other similar system available.

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